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Get the list of Springer Q1 journals. Each subject category of journals is divided into four quartiles: Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. Q1 contains the top 25% of journals in the list.

There are 1,140 Springer journals that fall under the 1st quartile. In this blog post, we are providing the list of Springer Q1 journals.

Out of 1140 Springer Q1 journals, the top 50 Q1 Springer journals are listed below. However, researchers can also download the complete Springer Q1 journals list from the official website of Scopus.

To find out the details of individual journals, you can visit journalsearches.com and enter the journal title into the search box.

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Top Springer Q1 journals

S. No.TitleCiteScoreScopeQuartile
1Nature Reviews Materials115.7Materials ChemistryQ1
2Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology99.7Molecular BiologyQ1
3Nature Reviews Cancer78.3Cancer ResearchQ1
4Nature Energy68.7Energy Engineering and Power TechnologyQ1
5Living Reviews in RelativityOpen Access67.4Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)Q1
6Nature Medicine62.4General Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular BiologyQ1
7Nature Reviews Genetics62.4GeneticsQ1
8Nature Nanotechnology58.2Condensed Matter PhysicsQ1
9Nature Photonics57.8Atomic and Molecular Physics, and OpticsQ1
11Nature Materials56.7Mechanical EngineeringQ1
12Nature Reviews Immunology53.9ImmunologyQ1
13Nature Reviews Chemistry53.0General Chemical EngineeringQ1
14Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology51.6OncologyQ1
15Nature Genetics50.5GeneticsQ1
16Nature Reviews Drug Discovery48.8PharmacologyQ1
17Nature Reviews Disease Primers46.2General MedicineQ1
18Nature Reviews Endocrinology41.5Endocrinology, Diabetes and MetabolismQ1
19Nature Reviews Microbiology40.7Infectious DiseasesQ1
20Nature Biotechnology37.4BiotechnologyQ1
21Nature Chemistry37.1General Chemical EngineeringQ1
22Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology36.6GastroenterologyQ1
23Nature Catalysis36.1BiochemistryQ1
24Nature Physics35.8General Physics and AstronomyQ1
25Nature Neuroscience35.3General NeuroscienceQ1
26Molecular CancerOpen Access34.3Molecular MedicineQ1
27Nature Methods33.9BiotechnologyQ1
28Nature Reviews Neuroscience33.2General NeuroscienceQ1
29Nature Cell Biology31.5Cell BiologyQ1
30Astronomy and Astrophysics Review31.3Space and Planetary ScienceQ1
31Nature Climate Change31.3Social Sciences (miscellaneous)Q1
32Living Reviews in Solar PhysicsOpen Access30.8Space and Planetary ScienceQ1
33Fungal Diversity30.7Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and SystematicsQ1
34Nature Reviews Neurology29.5Neurology (clinical)Q1
35Nature Microbiology28.2MicrobiologyQ1
36Nature Biomedical Engineering28.0Computer Science ApplicationsQ1
37Nature Reviews Nephrology27.9NephrologyQ1
38Nature Electronics27.0InstrumentationQ1
39Nature Immunology26.0Immunology and AllergyQ1
40Cell Research25.1Molecular BiologyQ1
41Nature Geoscience24.6General Earth and Planetary SciencesQ1
42Light: Science and ApplicationsOpen Access23.8Atomic and Molecular Physics, and OpticsQ1
43Acta Neuropathologica23.3Pathology and Forensic MedicineQ1
44Molecular Psychiatry22.5Psychiatry and Mental HealthQ1
45Nature Reviews Cardiology22.5Cardiology and Cardiovascular MedicineQ1
46Nature Chemical Biology22.2Molecular BiologyQ1
47MicrobiomeOpen Access21.8Microbiology (medical)Q1
48Nature Ecology and Evolution21.1EcologyQ1
49Journal of Hematology and OncologyOpen Access20.2HematologyQ1
50Nature CommunicationsOpen Access20.0General Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular BiologyQ1
Springer Q1 journals

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