32 Springer journals with high acceptance rate

This blog post aims to provide a list of high-acceptance rate Springer journals. It is good for new researchers to submit to high-acceptance rate journals.

In this blog post, we have listed Springer journals with high acceptance rates. A total of 32 easy-to-publish Springer journals are listed below.

Springer journals high acceptance rate
Springer journals with high acceptance rate

Springer journals list with high acceptance rates

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1 Parasitology Research

Acceptance rate: 33%

Area of research:

General, Biological, Medical and Veterinary Parasitology
– Protozoology, Helminthology, Entomology
– Morphology (incl. Pathomorphology, Ultrastructure)
– Biochemistry, Physiology (incl. Molecular Biology)
– Parasite-Host-Relationships (incl. Immunology, Host Specificity)
– Life History, Ecology, Epidemiology
– Diagnosis, Chemotherapy and Control of Parasitic Diseases

2 Parasites & Vectors

Acceptance rate: 51%

It publishes articles in all aspects of the basic and applied biology of parasites, parasitic diseases, intermediate hosts, vectors, and vector-borne pathogens.

3 Malaria Journal

Acceptance rate: 62%

It publishes exclusively articles on malaria.

4 Molecular Cytogenetics

Acceptance rate: 62%

Topic of interest include structural and functional organization of the chromosome and nucleus, genome variation, expression and evolution, chromosome abnormalities and genomic variations in medical genetics and tumor genetics.

5 Genes and Environment

Acceptance rate: 40%

The topics including environmental mutagenesis and carcinogenesis, health and biological sciences, environmental genomics and epigenetics, molecular epidemiology, genetic toxicology and regulatory sciences.

6 Bulletin of the National Research Centre

Acceptance Rate: 42%

The journal welcomes systematic reviews, meta-analysis and technological reports, as well as perspectives on all disciplines of all speciality of science.

7 Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science

Acceptance Rate: 46%

Integrative Psychological And Behavioral Science is a research journal that publishes research related to Cultural Studies. This journal is published by Springer Nature. The ISSN of this journal is 19363567.

8 Contemporary School Psychology

Acceptance Rate: 54%

The journal seeks articles that critically review research on topics of general interest to school psychologists and related disciplines

9 Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

Acceptance rate: 38%

  • theory-building
  • theoretical articles
  • original outcome research articles
  • brief research reports
  • original research on the support of theoretical models
  • development of scales to assess cognitive and affective constructs
  • research reviews
  • clinical practice reviews
  • empirically-based case studies
  • descriptions of innovative therapeutic techniques and procedures
  • advances in clinical training

10 Optical Review

Acceptance Rate: 31%

The scope of the journal is:   

  • ・General and physical optics
  • ・Quantum optics and spectroscopy
  • ・Information optics
  • ・Photonics and optoelectronics
  • ・Biomedical photonics and biological optics
  • ・Lasers
  • ・Nonlinear optics
  • ・Optical systems and technologies
  • ・Optical materials and manufacturing technologies
  • ・Vision
  • ・Infrared and short wavelength optics
  • ・Cross-disciplinary areas such as environmental, energy, food, agriculture and space technologies
  • ・Other optical methods and applications

11 Quantum Information Processing

Acceptance Rate: 52%

Topics of interest include quantum cryptography and communications, entanglement and discord, quantum algorithms, quantum error correction and fault tolerance, quantum computer science, quantum imaging and sensing, and experimental platforms for quantum information.

12 Journal of Statistical Physics

Acceptance Rate: 44%

Topics of journals include all areas of statistical physics as well as in related fields concerned with collective phenomena in physical systems.

13 Optical and Quantum Electronics

Acceptance Rate: 48%

Scope: optical physics, optical engineering and optoelectronics.

14 Applied Magnetic Resonance

Acceptance Rate: 58%

Chemical physics, condensed matter physics, analytical chemistry, chemical kinetics, structure determination and spectroscopy, medical physics

15 Advances in Continuous and Discrete Models

Acceptance rate: 39%

Field of Interest:  machine learning, data-driven modeling, differential equations, numerical analysis, scientific computing, control, optimization, and computing resources

16 European Actuarial Journal

Acceptance rate: 42%

Field of interest: classical actuarial mathematics such as life and non-life insurance, pension funds, reinsurance, and also more recent areas of interest such as risk management, asset-and-liability management, solvency, catastrophe modeling, systematic changes in risk parameters, longevity, etc.

17 International Journal of Social Robotics

Acceptance rate: 45%

Field of interest: latest technologies, new research results and developments in the area of social robotics

18 International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management

Acceptance rate: 38%

International Journal Of System Assurance Engineering And Management is a research journal that publishes research in the field of Engineering, Multidisciplinary. This journal is published by SPRINGER INDIA. The ISSN of this journal is 0975-6809.

19 International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM)

Acceptance rate: 39%

  • describing industrial problems to identify significant knowledge and variables,
  • advanced modelling of design and manufacturing problems,
  • virtually exploring solution spaces,
  • building of high-realistic multi-sensorial simulators,
  • implementing user centred innovative methods.

IJIDeM will cover cutting-edge research in the fields of Mechatronics, Design and Manufacturing sciences, Numerical and Mechanical engineering, Virtual Reality aimed at industrial innovation.

20 Multimedia Tools and Applications

Acceptance rate: 41%

Field of interest: multimedia development and system support tools, and case studies of multimedia applications.

21 Neural Computing and Applications

Acceptance Rate: 36%

Scope: practical applications of neural computing and related techniques such as genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic and neuro-fuzzy systems.

22 International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing

Acceptance rate: 23%

This journal publishes research articles in the field of public and nonprofit marketing and closely related disciplines.

23 Educational Psychology Review

Acceptance rate: 27%

This journal publishes articles all pertaining to the field of educational psychology.

24 BMC Medical Education

Acceptance rate: 32%

This journal is an open-access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in relation to the training of healthcare professionals, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing education.

25 Medical Science Educator

Acceptance rate: 39%

The Journal provides the readership a better understanding of teaching and learning techniques in order to advance medical science education.

26 The Urban Review

Acceptance rate: 36%

Urban Review is a research journal that publishes research related to Sociology and Political Science.

27 Mind & Society

Acceptance rate: 42%

Mind & Society is a journal for ideas, explorations, investigations and discussions on the interaction between the human mind and the societal environments.

28 Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review

Acceptance rate: 57%

Evolutionary And Institutional Economics Review is a research journal that publishes research in the field of Economics.

29 Journal of the History of Biology

Acceptance rate: 34%

The Journal Of The History Of Biology is a research journal that publishes research related to the History and Philosophy of Science.

30 Scientific Reports

Acceptance Rate: 55%

The Scientific Reports is published by Nature Publishing Group. The ISSN of this journal is 20452322. The journal publishes research in the field related to Multidisciplinary (Q1).

31 International Journal on Digital Libraries

Acceptance Rate: 50%

The International Journal on Digital Libraries is published by Springer Verlag. The ISSN of this journal is 14325012, 14321300. The journal publishes research in the field related to Library and Information Sciences (Q2).

32 The VLDB Journal

Acceptance Rate: 42%

The VLDB Journal is published by Springer New York. The ISSN of this journal is 10668888, 0949877X. The journal publishes research in the field related to Hardware and Architecture (Q1); Information Systems (Q1).

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