Scopus/ SCI journals with high acceptance rate

If you are seeking guidance for publishing your research in Scopus or SCI Journals, then you are at the right place. In this post, we have listed High Acceptance Rated Scopus and SCI journals.

From below the list, go through the Scopus and SCI journals and send your research paper to easy-publishing research journals.

Tips for publishing in high-impact factor journals

How to publish a research paper in Scopus journals?

24 Elsevier journals with high acceptance rates

List of Scopus/ SCI journals with high acceptance rate

1. Foundations of Science

Impact factor: 0.67

First decision (average): 56 days

Acceptance rate:31%

2. Formal Methods in System Design

Impact factor: 0.673

First decision (average): 202 days

Acceptance rate: 38%

3. Journal of Computational Social Science

First decision (average): 72 days

Acceptance rate: 42%

4. KI – Künstliche Intelligenz

First decision (average): 92 days

Acceptance rate: 56%

5. Synthese

Impact factor: 1.436

First decision (average): 87 days

Acceptance rate: 34%

6. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization

Impact factor: 0.843

First decision (average): 135 days

Acceptance rate: 35%

7. Journal of Automated Reasoning

Impact factor: 1.431

First decision (average): 71 days

Acceptance rate: 48%

8. Crime Science

First decision (average): 68 days

Acceptance rate: 56%

9. Journal of Membrane Computing

First decision (average): 48 days

Acceptance rate: 73%

10. Archival Science

First decision (average)50 days

Acceptance rate38%

11. Aerobiologia

Impact factor: 2.708

First decision (average): 92 days

Acceptance rate: 51%

12. Social Network Analysis and Mining

First decision (average): 99 days

Acceptance rate: 32%

13. Japanese Journal of Statistics and Data Science

First decision (average): 82 days

Acceptance rate: 38%

14. Brain Informatics

First decision (average): 75 days

Acceptance rate: 70%

15. Metabolomics

Impact factor: 2.881

First decision (average): 56 days

Acceptance rate: 42%

16. Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science

Impact factor: 0.631

First decision (average): 72 days

Acceptance rate: 46%

17. Soft Computing

Impact factor: 3.05

First decision (average): 173 days

Acceptance rate: 35%

18. Theory of Computing Systems

Impact factor: 0.497

First decision (average):121 days

Acceptance rate: 34%

19. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies

First decision (average): 41 days

Acceptance rate: 30%

20. Quantum Information Processing

Impact factor: 2.433

First decision (average): 95 days

Acceptance rate: 52%

21. Nexus Network Journal

Impact factor: 0.333

First decision (average): 42 days

Acceptance rate: 37%

22. African Archaeological Review

Impact factor: 1.154

First decision (average): 45 days

Acceptance rate: 49%

23. Spine Deformity

First decision (average): 25 days

Acceptance rate: 50%

24. Philosophy of Management

First decision (average): 60 days

Acceptance rate: 45%

25. Philosophia

First decision (average): 125 days

Acceptance rate: 35%

26. International Journal of the Classical Tradition

First decision (average): 107 days

Acceptance rate: 38%

27. Rendiconti Lincei. Scienze Fisiche e Naturali

Impact factor: 1.603

First decision (average): 55 days

Acceptance rate: 35%

28. The Urban Review

First decision (average): 109 days

Acceptance rate: 36%

29. American Journal of Dance Therapy

First decision (average): 272 days

Acceptance rate: 63%

30. Sport Sciences for Health

First decision (average): 96 days

Acceptance rate: 35%

31. Studies in East European Thought

Impact factor: 0.256

First decision (average): 55 days

Acceptance rate: 57%

32. International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management

First decision (average): 200 days

Acceptance rate: 38%

33. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering

First decision (average): 197 days

Acceptance rate: 45%

34. Satellite Navigation

First decision (average): 62 days

Acceptance rate: 46%

35. The Review of Austrian Economics

First decision (average): 34 days

Acceptance rate: 38%

36. Experimental Astronomy

Impact factor: 1.489

First decision (average): 101 days

Acceptance rate: 65%

37. Archival Science

First decision (average): 50 days

Acceptance rate: 38%

38. Journal of Maritime Archaeology

First decision (average): 58 days

Acceptance rate: 68%

39. Clinical and Molecular Allergy

First decision (average): 138 days

Acceptance rate: 77%

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