Fast review Scopus SCI Indexed Journals

Fast review Scopus Indexed Journals are those journals that usually provide the review of your research papers in less time.

This blog post aims to provide a list of fast review/ process Scopus-indexed journals. All journals are open-access. Almost all subjects are covered.

Fast Review Scopus Indexed Journals

A total of 20 fast-publishing research journals are listed below.

1. Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity

Publication Time: 8 weeks

The scope of the journal is broad and multidisciplinary; it publishes original research papers as well as conceptual, technical, and methodological papers on all aspects of biological diversity-its description, analysis, conservation, and application by humankind. 

2. Biosafety And Health

Publication Time: 7 weeks

Biosafety and Health is an open access journal, managed by the National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC).

3. Journal Of Intelligence

Publication Time: 11 weeks


  • academic intelligence
  • practical intelligence
  • emotional intelligence
  • social intelligence
  • cognitive intelligence
  • intellectual development
  • giftedness
  • intelligence and aging
  • intellectual impairment
  • intellectual disabilities
  • cognitive (neuro-) science
  • structural and functional brain imaging
  • cognitive epidemiology
  • formal models
  • psychometrics
  • intelligence tests
  • assessment methods
  • applied domains

4. Applied Sciences

Publication Time: 6 weeks

Applied Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal on all aspects of applied natural sciences.

5. Journal Of Computational Design And Engineering

Publication Time: 9 weeks

This journal provides rapid publication of research manuscripts reporting innovative computational methods and applications to achieve major breakthroughs.

6. Transactions Of The Association For Computational Linguistics

Publication Time: 8 weeks

This journal publishes papers in all areas of computational linguistics and natural language processing.

7. AIMS Electronics And Electrical Engineering

Publication Time: 8 weeks

This reputed open access journal publishes research in the field of Electronic Engineering.

8. Journal Of Engineering And Applied Science

Publication Time: 9 weeks

This journal publishes fundamental and applied research articles and reviews spanning different areas of engineering disciplines, applications, and interdisciplinary topics. 

9. ChemEngineering

Publication Time: 6 weeks

ChemEngineering is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal on the science and technology of chemical engineering, published bimonthly online by MDPI.

10. Frontiers Of Business Research In China

Publication Time: 5 weeks

Major areas of interest include but are not limited to Accounting, Finance, Human resources, International Business, Marketing, Management information systems, Operations management, Organizational Behavior, and Strategic management.

11. Indonesian Journal Of Chemistry

Publication Time: 5 weeks

This open-access journal publishes in all chemistry areas, including applied chemistry.

12. ChemistryOpen

Publication Time: 9 weeks

ChemistryOpen is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal covering all areas of chemistry and related fields.

13. Results In Chemistry

Publication Time: 8 weeks

Results in Chemistry is an open-access journal, offering authors the opportunity to publish in all fundamental and interdisciplinary areas of chemistry and related fields. 

14. Sensing And Bio-Sensing Research

Publication Time: 8 weeks

Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research is an open-access journal devoted to the research, design, development, and application of all bio-sensing and sensing technologies.

15. Journal Of Radiation Research

Publication Time: 10 weeks

The Journal of Radiation Research is a bimonthly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering research on radiation and oncology.

16. Journal Of Clinical Laboratory Analysis

Publication Time: 8 weeks

Areas of research include immunochemistry and toxicology, hematology and hematopathology, immunopathology, molecular diagnostics, microbiology, genetic testing, immunohematology, and clinical chemistry.

17. Journal Of Limnology

Publication Time: 10 weeks

The Journal of Limnology publishes peer-reviewed original papers, review papers, and notes about all aspects of limnology.

18. Computational Visual Media

Publication Time: 6 weeks

It publishes original, high-quality research papers and significant review articles on novel ideas, methods, and systems relevant to visual media.

19. Journal Of Computational Design And Engineering

Publication Time: 9 weeks

This journal provides a venue for rapid publication of research manuscripts reporting innovative computational methods and applications to achieve major breakthroughs, practical improvements, and bold new research directions within a wide range of design and engineering disciplines.

20. Arab Journal Of Mathematical Sciences

Publication Time: 8 weeks

This journal welcomes submissions in both pure and applied mathematics.

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