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Researchers can make their research freely available on the internet by publishing in open-access journals. This blog post aims to provide a list of free publishing open access journals indexed in Web of Science (SCI), Scopus, and DOAJ.

All research articles published in Open Access journals are immediately freely available to read, download and share. Most of the available open access journals are paid to publish. However, there are many free open access journals that publish without any cost.

We visited the official website of Springer, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, and other major publishers to find the non-APC open access journals. We also took the help of DOAJ to identify free publishing open access journals.

Top 50 free open access journals

S. No.Journal TitleTypeSJR & Journal Quartile
1MMWR Recommendations and Reportsjournal25.045 Q1
2Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reportjournal16.513 Q1
3IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorialsjournal13.519 Q1
4World Psychiatryjournal12.991 Q1
5Living Reviews in Relativityjournal12.365 Q1
6Lancet Public Health, Thejournal11.372 Q1
7MMWR Surveillance Summariesjournal10.129 Q1
8Genome Biologyjournal9.371 Q1
9Nature Reviews Physicsjournal8.971 Q1
10Lancet Global Health,Thejournal8.845 Q1
11Nucleic Acids Researchjournal8.241 Q1
12Living Reviews in Solar Physicsjournal6.921 Q1
13Molecular Cancerjournal6.896 Q1
14Physical Review Xjournal6.735 Q1
15Lancet Rheumatology, Thejournal6.633 Q1
16Molecular Systems Biologyjournal6.523 Q1
17Materials Todayjournal6.300 Q1
18Lancet Digital Health, Thejournal6.024 Q1
19Cell Reports Medicinejournal5.956 Q1
20Nature Sustainabilityjournal5.789 Q1
21Light: Science and Applicationsjournal5.497 Q1
22Annals of the Rheumatic Diseasesjournal5.366 Q1
23Studies in Mycologyjournal5.257 Q1
24Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapyjournal5.157 Q1
25Management Sciencejournal5.094 Q1
26Genome Medicinejournal5.067 Q1
27Journal of Extracellular Vesiclesjournal4.878 Q1
28Nature Communicationsjournal4.846 Q1
29Cell Reportsjournal4.845 Q1
30eLifejournal4.752 Q1
31Applied Physics Reviewsjournal4.738 Q1
32Molecular Neurodegenerationjournal4.731 Q1
33EClinicalMedicinejournal4.657 Q1
34Nature Machine Intelligencejournal4.602 Q1
35Science advancesjournal4.586 Q1
36Eurosurveillancejournal4.417 Q1
37Microbiomejournal4.394 Q1
38Intensive Care Medicinejournal4.344 Q1
39Cell Discoveryjournal4.248 Q1
40Journal of Hematology and Oncologyjournal4.241 Q1
41Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of Americajournal4.184 Q1
42PLoS Medicinejournal4.180 Q1
43Opticajournal4.164 Q1
44ACS Central Sciencejournal4.093 Q1
45EMBO Molecular Medicinejournal4.039 Q1
46JAMA network openjournal4.031 Q1
47Advanced Sciencejournal3.984 Q1
48Nano-Micro Lettersjournal3.946 Q1
49PLoS Biologyjournal3.928 Q1
50Sports Medicinejournal3.806 Q1
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