Top best 50 open access journals

About open access journals: Open access journals are freely available to readers. Open access ( OA ) means making research publications freely available so anyone can benefit from reading and using research.

This blog post aims to provide the list of the top 50 open access journals. These SCI open access journals are being published by repute publishers.

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List of Top open access journals

TitleTitleSJR/ Quartile
1MMWR Recommendations and Reports40.949 Q1
2MMWR. Surveillance summaries: Morbidity and mortality weekly report. Surveillance summaries / CDC19.961 Q1
3World Psychiatry15.510 Q1
4Living Reviews in Relativity11.551 Q1
5Nature Reviews Physics10.120 Q1
6Genome Biology9.027 Q1
7Nucleic Acids Research9.008 Q1
8Molecular Systems Biology8.523 Q1
9Materials Today8.071 Q1
10Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report7.992 Q1
11Lancet Global Health,The7.970 Q1
12Physical Review X7.940 Q1
13Journal of Statistical Software7.636 Q1
14Molecular Cancer7.274 Q1
15Lancet Public Health, The7.226 Q1
16Living Reviews in Solar Physics6.861 Q1
17Cell Reports6.264 Q1
18Studies in Mycology6.180 Q1
19Light: Science and Applications6.104 Q1
20Journal of Extracellular Vesicles5.940 Q1
21Science advances5.928 Q1
22eLife5.879 Q1
23Molecular Neurodegeneration5.565 Q1
24Genome Medicine5.564 Q1
25Nature Communications5.559 Q1
26Advanced Science5.388 Q1
27Microbiome5.297 Q1
28Optica5.074 Q1
29Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer5.060 Q1
30EMBO Molecular Medicine4.923 Q1
31Nature Machine Intelligence4.894 Q1
32ACS Central Science4.893 Q1
33PLoS Medicine4.847 Q1
34Nature Sustainability4.514 Q1
35Persoonia: Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi4.508 Q1
36Theoretical Economics4.404 Q1
37Journal of Hematology and Oncology4.305 Q1
38Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy4.284 Q1
39PLoS Biology4.127 Q1
40JCI insight4.099 Q1
41Earth System Science Data4.066 Q1
42Quantitative Economics4.062 Q1
43BMC Biology3.952 Q1
44npj 2D Materials and Applications3.910 Q1
45npj Flexible Electronics3.826 Q1
46PLoS Pathogens3.719 Q1
47Chemical Science3.687 Q1
48ACS Materials Letters3.662 Q1
49Blood Cancer Journal3.607 Q1
50PLoS Genetics3.587 Q1
Top 50 open access journals

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