non-paid Open Access Journals: Top 100

Scientific Journals with Open Access and No APC: In this blog post, we list 100 free open-access journals that publish research articles without any publication fee.

These journals are published by major publishers like Sage Publishing, Emerald Publishing, Springer Open, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis Group, Oxford University Press, and Open Library of Humanities. Although there are many free open-access journals that are published by other publishers. However, we have selected the journals that are published by the seven publishers mentioned above.

List of No APC Open Access Journals

S. No.Journal TitlePublisherWebsite
1. Journal of Psychosexual HealthSAGE PublishingLink
2. European Journal of Management Studies Emerald PublishingLink
3. Organization Management Journal Emerald PublishingLink
4. Rajagiri Management JournalEmerald PublishingLink
5. Seonmul yeongu Emerald PublishingLink
6. Asian Journal of Economics and Banking Emerald PublishingLink
7. International Trade, Politics and DevelopmentEmerald PublishingLink
8. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing and Special Equipment Emerald PublishingLink
9. Vilakshan (XIMB Journal of Management)Emerald PublishingLink
10. Smart and Resilient TransportationEmerald PublishingLink
11.Applied Economic Analysis Emerald PublishingLink
12. Arab Journal of Mathematical Sciences Emerald PublishingLink
13. Public Administration and PolicyEmerald PublishingLink
14. Modern Supply Chain Research and ApplicationsEmerald PublishingLink
15. Journal of Economics and Development Emerald PublishingLink
16. Water Science Taylor & Francis GroupLink
17. Satellite Navigation SpringerOpen Link
18.  PhotoniXSpringerOpen Link
19. Perspectives in Ecology and ConservationElsevier Link
20. International Hospitality Review Emerald PublishingLink
21.Islamic Economic StudiesEmerald PublishingLink
22. Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine SAGE PublishingLink
23.Brain Science AdvancesSAGE PublishingLink
24. Bulletin of Faculty of Physical TherapySpringerOpen Link
25. Applied Microscopy SpringerOpen Link
26. Forestry Economics ReviewEmerald Publishing Link
27. The Egyptian Journal of OtolaryngologySpringerOpen Link
28. The Egyptian Journal of Bronchology SpringerOpen Link
29. Vikalpa SAGE PublishingLink
30. Built HeritageSpringerOpen Link
31. Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Education ResearchSpringerOpen Link
32. Railway Engineering Science SpringerOpen Link
33. Ethnologia Europaea Open Library of HumanitiesLink
34.Journal of Leather Science and EngineeringSpringerOpen Link
35.Advances in AerodynamicsSpringerOpen Link
36.Journal of Asian Business and Economic StudiesEmerald PublishingLink
37.Journal of Humanities and Applied Social SciencesEmerald PublishingLink
38.Policy Design and Practice Taylor & Francis GroupLink
39.Precision Clinical MedicineOxford University PressLink
40.Annals of Pediatric Surgery SpringerOpen Link
41.Middle East Current PsychiatrySpringerOpen Link
42.Revista Portuguesa de Cardiologia (English Edition)Elsevier Link
43.Revista Portuguesa de Cardiologia Elsevier Link
44.China Political Economy Emerald PublishingLink
45.The Cardiothoracic SurgeonSpringerOpen Link
46.Egyptian Liver Journal SpringerOpen Link
47.Review of Economics and Political ScienceEmerald PublishingLink
48.Journal of Industry-University CollaboratioEmerald PublishingLink
49.KōtuituiTaylor & Francis GroupLink
50.Fuzzy Information and Engineering Taylor & Francis GroupLink
51.Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical SocietySpringerOpenLink
52.Journal of Orthopaedics, Trauma and RehabilitationSAGE Publishing Link
53.Journal of the Egyptian Public Health AssociationSpringerOpenLink
54.Journal of Eurasian StudiesSAGE PublishingLink
55.Open ScreensOpen Library of HumanitiesLink
56.Therapeutic Advances in Vaccines and ImmunotherapySAGE Publishing Link
57.AJAR (Asian Journal of Accounting Research) Emerald PublishingLink
58.ECNU Review of EducationSAGE Publishing Link
59.Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery SpringerOpenLink
60.The Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and NeurosurgerySpringerOpen Link
61.Journal of Economics Finance and Administrative ScienceEmerald Publishing Link
62.Hematology/Oncology and Stem Cell Therapy ElsevierLink
63.Immunological MedicineTaylor & Francis GroupLink
64.Journal of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Emerald Publishing Link
65.Ain Shams Journal of Anesthesiology SpringerOpenLink
66.Higher Education Evaluation and DevelopmentEmerald PublishingLink
67.Spanish Journal of Marketing-ESICEmerald PublishingLink
68.Journal of Health Research Emerald PublishingLink
69.New England Journal of EntrepreneurshipEmerald PublishingLink
70.Journal of Capital Markets Studies Emerald PublishingLink
71.Journal of Defense Analytics and LogisticsEmerald PublishingLink
72.AAOU Journal Emerald PublishingLink
73.Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning Emerald PublishingLink
74.Visual Computing for Industry, Biomedicine, and Art SpringerOpenLink
75.CybersecuritySpringerOpen Link
76.Bulletin of the National Research Centre SpringerOpen Link
77.Policy & Society Taylor & Francis GroupLink
78.Journal of Embodied ResearchOpen Library of HumanitiesLink
79.Theoretical Roman Archaeology JournalOpen Library of HumanitiesLink
80.Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics SpringerOpenLink
81.International Journal of Anthropology and Ethnology SpringerOpen Link
82.Digital MedievalistOpen Library of HumanitiesLink
83.Body, Space & Technology Journal Open Library of HumanitiesLink
84.Innovation & Management Review Emerald Publishing Link
85.RAUSP Management Journal Emerald PublishingLink
86.Digital StudiesOpen Library of HumanitiesLink
87.Research Ethics ReviewSAGE Publishing Link
88.International Journal of Mining Science and Technology ElsevierLink
89.Journal of Work-Applied Management Emerald Publishing Link
90.Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest Control SpringerOpenLink
91.Frontiers of Business Research in China SpringerOpen Link
92.Global Media and China SAGE PublishingLink
93.Marvell Studies Open Library of HumanitiesLink
94.Journal for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament Taylor & Francis GroupLink
95.Therapeutic Advances in OphthalmologySAGE PublishingLink
96.Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering SpringerOpenLink
97.Transactions of A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute ElsevierLink
98.Human Reproduction Open Oxford University PressLink
99.European Journal of Management and Business Economics Emerald PublishingLink
100.ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance Emerald PublishingLink
List of Free Open Access Journals

Subject Covered (Free Open Access Journals)

  • Agriculture
  • Auxiliary sciences of history
  • Bibliography. Library science. Information resources
  • Education
  • Fine Arts
  • General Works
  • Geography. Anthropology. Recreation
  • History (General) and history of Europe
  • History America
  • Language and Literature
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Military Science
  • Music and books on Music
  • Naval Science
  • Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
  • Political science
  • Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Technology

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  2. Thank you for your response. But my work is on plant breeding and plant pathology. Therefore , is research in agricultural engineering journal include my study areas in it’s scope?


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