Indian marketing journals indexed in Scopus

This blog post aims to provide a list of Indian marketing journals indexed in Scopus and UGC CARE. A few of these journals are also indexed in the Web of Science.

We have listed around 30 Indian research journals that publish marketing, business & management-related research. All these listed research journals have been checked using the official website of Scopus.

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List of marketing journals in India

TitleTypeSJRSJR, QuartileH Index
1Global Journal of Flexible Systems Managementjournal1.176 Q137
2Journal of Entrepreneurshipjournal0.520 Q221
3Global Business Reviewjournal0.450 Q230
4International Journal of Systems Assurance Engineering and Managementjournal0.430 Q228
5Foreign Trade Reviewjournal0.428 Q29
6OPSEARCHjournal0.416 Q223
7International Journal of Rural Managementjournal0.372 Q311
8International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciencesjournal0.332 Q312
9FIIB Business Reviewjournal0.327 Q38
10Indian Journal of Marketingjournal0.321 Q311
11Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Managementjournal0.311 Q39
12Vikalpajournal0.280 Q327
13Journal of South Asian Developmentjournal0.247 Q314
14Management and Labour Studiesjournal0.188 Q311
15Asian Journal of Management Casesjournal0.182 Q38
16Indian Journal of Economics and Developmentjournal0.179 Q33
17Journal of the Textile Associationjournal0.169 Q411
18Journal of Human Valuesjournal0.167 Q415
19Finance Indiajournal0.141 Q43
20International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systemsjournal0.140 Q43
21SCMS Journal of Indian Managementjournal0.117 Q43
22Purusharthajournal0.104 Q44
23Textiles Trendstrade journal0.104 Q44
24Indian Journal of Sericulturetrade journal0.102 Q410
25Indian Silktrade journal0.101 Q46
26Asian Textile Journaltrade journal0.100 Q410
27Colouragetrade journal0.100 Q422
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