Top Web of Science Q1 journals with impact factor

Get the list of the top Web of Science Q1 journals here. The web of science journals is considered a quality journal. This blog post aims to provide Q1 journals indexed on the Web of Science.

Each subject category of journals is divided into four quartiles: Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. Q1 is occupied by the top 25% of journals in the list.

In this blog post, we have provided the top 50 Web of Science Q1 journals.

Top 50 Web of Science Q1 journals

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S. No.JournalImpact FactorSJR & QuartileH-index
1Ca-A Cancer Journal for Clinicians508.762.937 Q1168
2MMWR Recommendations and Reports55.85740.949 Q1143
3Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology94.4437.461 Q1431
4Quarterly Journal of Economics15.56334.573 Q1259
5Nature Reviews Materials66.30832.011 Q1108
6Cell41.58226.304 Q1776
7Nature Reviews Genetics53.24226.214 Q1365
8Reviews of Modern Physics54.49424.877 Q1363
9Journal of Political Economy9.10321.034 Q1186
10Nature Reviews Immunology53.10620.529 Q1390
11Chemical Reviews60.62220.528 Q1700
12MMWR. Surveillance summaries: Morbidity and mortality weekly report. Surveillance summaries / CDC58.76919.961 Q1100
13New England Journal of Medicine91.24519.889 Q11030
14Nature Energy60.85819.733 Q1129
15Nature Reviews Cancer60.71619.575 Q1442
16Nature Medicine53.4419.536 Q1547
17Nature Methods28.54719.469 Q1318
18Nature Genetics38.3318.861 Q1573
19Academy of Management Annals16.43818.318 Q173
20Annual Review of Immunology28.52718.301 Q1301
21Journal of Finance7.54418.151 Q1299
22American Economic Review9.1716.936 Q1297
23Annual Review of Biochemistry23.64316.921 Q1293
24Econometrica5.84416.700 Q1199
25Nature Reviews Chemistry34.03516.465 Q150
26Nature49.96215.993 Q11226
27Review of Economic Studies6.34515.641 Q1141
28Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics30.06515.623 Q1204
29Chemical Society Reviews54.56415.598 Q1513
30World Psychiatry49.54815.510 Q193
31Nature Biotechnology54.90815.358 Q1445
32Administrative Science Quarterly11.11315.098 Q1181
33Energy and Environmental Science38.5314.486 Q1343
34Nature Materials43.84114.344 Q1483
35Nature Catalysis41.81314.330 Q165
36Nature Nanotechnology39.21314.308 Q1353
37Immunity31.74514.286 Q1395
38Physiological Reviews37.31213.853 Q1342
39Nature Photonics38.77113.674 Q1331
40Lancet Oncology, The41·31613.530 Q1324
41Nature Neuroscience24.88413.403 Q1422
42Lancet, The79.32113.103 Q1762
43Cancer Cell31.74313.035 Q1335
44American Economic Journal: Applied Economics8.088 12.996 Q182
45Review of Financial Studies5.83812.800 Q1190
46Lancet Neurology, The44.18212.776 Q1291
47Molecular Cell17.9712.615 Q1395
48Science47.72812.556 Q11186
49Joule41.24812.532 Q184
50Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology66.67512.214 Q1155
Web of Science Q1 journals

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