Low impact factor chemistry journals with high acceptance rate

This blog post aims to provide a list of low-impact factor chemistry journals with high acceptance rates.

Generally, low-impact factor research journals have a low acceptance rate. Therefore, it is a bit easy to publish chemistry-related research in low-impact factor chemistry journals.

List of low-impact factor chemistry journals

Most of these low-impact factor chemistry journals are from the Q1 quartile.

S. No.JournalQuartileImpact Factor
1Crystallography ReviewsQ12.467
2MRS BulletinQ16.578
3International Reviews in Physical ChemistryQ11.389
4Separation and Purification TechnologyQ11.279
5Bioconjugate ChemistryQ14.774
6International Journal of Molecular SciencesQ11.455
7Innovative Food Science and Emerging TechnologiesQ16.707
8Applied Surface ScienceQ16.707
9Inorganic ChemistryQ15.165
10Polymer ChemistryQ15.582
11Chinese Chemical LettersQ16.779
12Molecular Systems Design and EngineeringQ14.935
13Journal of Analytical and Applied PyrolysisQ15.541
14NMR in BiomedicineQ14.044
15Analytica Chimica ActaQ16.558
16Journal of Chemical PhysicsQ13.488
17Journal of Physical Chemistry CQ14.126
18Macromolecular Rapid CommunicationsQ15.734
19Materials Today SustainabilityQ14.524
20Catalysis TodayQ16.766
21Electrochemistry CommunicationsQ14.724
22Minerals EngineeringQ14.765
23Chemistry – An Asian JournalQ14.568
24Journal of the Electrochemical SocietyQ14.316
25European Journal of Medicinal ChemistryQ16.51
27Nanoscale AdvancesQ14.553
29International Journal of NanomedicineQ16.4
30Reaction Chemistry and EngineeringQ14.239
32Journal of Agricultural and Food ChemistryQ15.279
33Food Chemistry: XQ15.182
34Organic Process Research and DevelopmentQ13.317
35Faraday DiscussionsQ14.008
37Journal of Organic ChemistryQ14.354
39Separation and Purification ReviewsQ19.636
40Fire Safety JournalQ12.764
41Journal of Biomolecular NMRQ12.835
43Russian Chemical ReviewsQ16.926
44Mikrochimica ActaQ15.833
45Liquid Crystals ReviewsQ16.214
46Frontiers in ChemistryQ15.221
47ACS Applied Electronic MaterialsQ23.314
48Nano FuturesQ13.306
49Archives of Pharmacal ResearchQ14.946
50Israel Journal of ChemistryQ13.333
Low impact factor chemistry journals

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good impact factor for a chemistry journal?

Journals with an impact factor of more than 10 are considered good impact factor chemistry journals.

Which chemistry journal has the highest impact factor?

The journal “Chemical Reviews“, with an impact factor of 60.622, has the highest impact factor.

Source: Clarivate.

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