HEC recognized journals in Social Sciences

HJRS categorizes a research journal into three categories – W, X, and Y– where W is the highest recognized category followed by X and Y within each subject area and its associated sub-categories. This blog post aims to provide a list of HEC recognized Social Sciences journals.

The top 20 HEC-recognized Social sciences journals are listed below. However, you can also download the complete list containing 706 journals from this blog post.

Top 20 HEC recognized Social Sciences journals

1Nature Climate Change92WPlatinum
2Review of Economics and Statistics91WPlatinum
3Journal of Business and Economic Statistics90WPlatinum
4Human Relations89WPlatinum
5Public Opinion Quarterly87WPlatinum
6Journal of Marriage and Family87WPlatinum
7Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions87WPlatinum
8Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability87WPlatinum
9Journal of Youth and Adolescence87WPlatinum
10Journal of Applied Econometrics87WPlatinum
11Regional Studies86WPlatinum
12Energy Research and Social Science86WPlatinum
13Social Studies of Science86WPlatinum
14Theory, Culture and Society86WPlatinum
15Journal of Industrial Ecology86WPlatinum
16Sociological Methods and Research85WPlatinum
17Business and Society85WPlatinum
18Econometric Theory85WPlatinum
19Social Networks85WPlatinum
20Social Science Computer Review84WPlatinum
HEC recognized journals Social Sciences

Download HJRS Social Sciences journals list

Please visit the official website of HJRS to download the complete HJRS Social Sciences journals list.

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Credit & Source: HJRS

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