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This blog post aims to provide a list of open-access journals indexed in Scopus. Open Access journals’ content is open to all, with no access fees.

There are many free Scopus indexed open access journals that offer authors to publish open access without publication fees.

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List of Scopus indexed Open access journals

S. No.Journal TitleSubjectPublisherCite Score
1Transplantation and Cellular TherapyHematologyElsevier6.9
2Transplantation and Cellular TherapyTransplantationElsevier6.9
3Transplantation and Cellular TherapyMolecular MedicineElsevier6.9
4Transplantation and Cellular TherapyCell BiologyElsevier6.9
5Transplantation and Cellular TherapyImmunology and AllergyElsevier6.9
6Tumour Virus ResearchInfectious DiseasesElsevier6
7Tumour Virus ResearchVirologyElsevier6
8Tumour Virus ResearchCancer ResearchElsevier6
9Journal of Finance and Data ScienceStatistics and ProbabilityKeAi Communications Co.5.8
10Journal of Finance and Data ScienceApplied MathematicsKeAi Communications Co.5.8
11Journal of Finance and Data ScienceBusiness, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous)KeAi Communications Co.5.8
12Journal of Finance and Data ScienceFinanceKeAi Communications Co.5.8
13Journal of Finance and Data ScienceEconomics and EconometricsKeAi Communications Co.5.8
14Journal of Finance and Data ScienceComputer Science ApplicationsKeAi Communications Co.5.8
15Discover OncologyEndocrinology, Diabetes and MetabolismSpringer Nature5.3
16Discover OncologyOncologySpringer Nature5.3
17Discover OncologyEndocrinologySpringer Nature5.3
18Discover OncologyEndocrine and Autonomic SystemsSpringer Nature5.3
19Discover OncologyCancer ResearchSpringer Nature5.3
20Metabarcoding and MetagenomicsAnimal Science and ZoologyPensoft Publishers5.2
21Metabarcoding and MetagenomicsNature and Landscape ConservationPensoft Publishers5.2
22Metabarcoding and MetagenomicsGeneticsPensoft Publishers5.2
23Metabarcoding and MetagenomicsMolecular BiologyPensoft Publishers5.2
24International Journal of Extreme ManufacturingIndustrial and Manufacturing EngineeringInstitute of Physics Publishing4.2
25JMIR Serious GamesRehabilitationJMIR Publications Inc.4.1
26JMIR Serious GamesPhysical Therapy, Sports Therapy and RehabilitationJMIR Publications Inc.4.1
27JMIR Serious GamesPsychiatry and Mental HealthJMIR Publications Inc.4.1
28JMIR Serious GamesComputer Science ApplicationsJMIR Publications Inc.4.1
29JMIR Serious GamesBiomedical EngineeringJMIR Publications Inc.4.1
30Global Health Research and PolicyHealth (social science)Springer Nature4
31Global Health Research and PolicyHealth PolicySpringer Nature4
32Global Health Research and PolicyPublic Health, Environmental and Occupational HealthSpringer Nature4
33Global Health Research and PolicyEpidemiologySpringer Nature4
34JMIR CancerOncologyJMIR Publications Inc.3.8
35JMIR CancerCancer ResearchJMIR Publications Inc.3.8
36Pulmonary TherapyPulmonary and Respiratory MedicineSpringer Nature3.8
37Pulmonary TherapyRespiratory CareSpringer Nature3.8
38Journal of Obesity and Metabolic SyndromeEndocrinology, Diabetes and MetabolismKorean Society for the Study of Obesity3.6
39Multiple Sclerosis Journal – Experimental, Translational and ClinicalNeurology (clinical)SAGE3.5
40Multiple Sclerosis Journal – Experimental, Translational and ClinicalCellular and Molecular NeuroscienceSAGE3.5
41Constructive Mathematical AnalysisAnalysisSelcuk University3.4
42Constructive Mathematical AnalysisApplied MathematicsSelcuk University3.4
43Constructive Mathematical AnalysisNumerical AnalysisSelcuk University3.4
44JBMR PlusOrthopedics and Sports MedicineWiley-Blackwell3.3
45JBMR PlusEndocrinology, Diabetes and MetabolismWiley-Blackwell3.3
46Geography and SustainabilityGeography, Planning and DevelopmentBeijing Normal University Press3.3
47Geography and SustainabilityNature and Landscape ConservationBeijing Normal University Press3.3
48Geography and SustainabilityEarth-Surface ProcessesBeijing Normal University Press3.3
49Geography and SustainabilityEcologyBeijing Normal University Press3.3
50JPhys MaterialsCondensed Matter PhysicsInstitute of Physics Publishing3.3
51JPhys MaterialsAtomic and Molecular Physics, and OpticsInstitute of Physics Publishing3.3
52JPhys MaterialsMaterials Science (all)Institute of Physics Publishing3.3
53Clinical and Experimental PediatricsPediatricsKorean Pediatric Society3.2
54Clinical and Experimental PediatricsPediatrics, Perinatology and Child HealthKorean Pediatric Society3.2
55JMIR CardioComputer Science ApplicationsJMIR Publications Inc.3.1
56JMIR CardioCardiology and Cardiovascular MedicineJMIR Publications Inc.3.1
57JMIR CardioHealth InformaticsJMIR Publications Inc.3.1
58CryptographyApplied MathematicsMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)3.1
59CryptographyComputational Theory and MathematicsMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)3.1
60CryptographyComputer Science ApplicationsMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)3.1
61CryptographyComputer Networks and CommunicationsMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)3.1
62CryptographySoftwareMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)3.1
63JMIR Medical EducationEducationJMIR Publications Inc.3
64JMIR Medical EducationComputer Science ApplicationsJMIR Publications Inc.3
65Advances in Medical Education and PracticeEducationDove2.8
66Global Energy InterconnectionAutomotive EngineeringKeAi Communications Co.2.8
67Global Energy InterconnectionControl and Systems EngineeringKeAi Communications Co.2.8
68Global Energy InterconnectionEnergy Engineering and Power TechnologyKeAi Communications Co.2.8
69Global Energy InterconnectionElectrical and Electronic EngineeringKeAi Communications Co.2.8
70Global Energy InterconnectionRenewable Energy, Sustainability and the EnvironmentKeAi Communications Co.2.8
71In Silico PlantsAgronomy and Crop ScienceOxford University Press2.8
72In Silico PlantsPlant ScienceOxford University Press2.8
73In Silico PlantsModeling and SimulationOxford University Press2.8
74In Silico PlantsBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology (miscellaneous)Oxford University Press2.8
75Soil SystemsEarth-Surface ProcessesMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)2.7
76Soil SystemsSoil ScienceMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)2.7
77Human Nutrition and MetabolismFood ScienceElsevier2.7
78Human Nutrition and MetabolismNutrition and DieteticsElsevier2.7
79Human Nutrition and MetabolismEndocrinology, Diabetes and MetabolismElsevier2.7
80Cogent Environmental ScienceEnvironmental Science (all)Taylor & Francis2.6
81Cogent Environmental SciencePublic Health, Environmental and Occupational HealthTaylor & Francis2.6
82Letters in High Energy PhysicsNuclear and High Energy PhysicsAndromeda Publishing And Academic Services LTD2.5
83Letters in High Energy PhysicsPhysics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)Andromeda Publishing And Academic Services LTD2.5
84Letters in High Energy PhysicsAstronomy and AstrophysicsAndromeda Publishing And Academic Services LTD2.5
85Singapore Dental JournalMedicine (all)Elsevier2.4
86Progress in Disaster ScienceSafety ResearchElsevier2.4
87Progress in Disaster ScienceGeography, Planning and DevelopmentElsevier2.4
88Progress in Disaster ScienceEnvironmental Science (miscellaneous)Elsevier2.4
89Progress in Disaster ScienceEarth and Planetary Sciences (miscellaneous)Elsevier2.4
90Journal of Mass Spectrometry and Advances in the Clinical LabMedical Laboratory TechnologyElsevier2.4
91Journal of Mass Spectrometry and Advances in the Clinical LabSpectroscopyElsevier2.4
92Journal of Mass Spectrometry and Advances in the Clinical LabMicrobiologyElsevier2.4
93Journal of Mass Spectrometry and Advances in the Clinical LabClinical BiochemistryElsevier2.4
94JPhys EnergyMaterials Science (miscellaneous)Institute of Physics Publishing2.4
95JPhys EnergyEnergy (all)Institute of Physics Publishing2.4
96JPhys EnergyMaterials ChemistryInstitute of Physics Publishing2.4
97Clinical Nutrition Open ScienceNutrition and DieteticsElsevier2.3
98Clinical Nutrition Open ScienceEndocrinology, Diabetes and MetabolismElsevier2.3
99IBRO Neuroscience ReportsNeuroscience (all)Elsevier2.2
100JACC: CardioOncologyCardiology and Cardiovascular MedicineElsevier2.1
Scopus indexed Open access journals

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