HEC recognized journals arts and humanities

HJRS 2022: This blog post aims to provide the list of HEC recognized journals in Arts & Humanities under the W category.

HJRS is a relative threshold-based system that assigns W, X, and Y categories to Journals; W being the highest and Y being the lowest. Since thresholds are relative; therefore, it is important for authors to know the predictive assessment of any W Category Journal being downgraded to X or Y categories at any time in the future. Similarly, the predictive assessment of any X or Y category journal being promoted to the W category at a time in the future.

40 Scopus indexed journals of Pakistan (2024)

Top 40 HEC recognised journals in Arts & Humanities

S. No.Journal TitleJPIHJRS CategoryMedallion
1Journal of Communication97WPlatinum
2Administrative Science Quarterly97WPlatinum
4IEEE Signal Processing Magazine97WPlatinum
5Psychological Bulletin97WPlatinum
6Journal of Consumer Research97WPlatinum
7Computers in Human Behavior96WPlatinum
8Psychological Review96WPlatinum
9Behavior Research Methods96WPlatinum
10Political Psychology96WPlatinum
11Applied Linguistics96WPlatinum
12Journal of Economic History95WPlatinum
13Journal of Econometrics95WPlatinum
14Journal of Peasant Studies95WPlatinum
15Psychonomic Bulletin and Review95WPlatinum
16Multivariate Behavioral Research95WPlatinum
17Artificial Intelligence95WPlatinum
19Communication Monographs95WPlatinum
20Social Forces95WPlatinum
HEC recognized journals arts and humanities
21Modern Language Journal95WPlatinum
22Journal of Memory and Language95WPlatinum
23Human Relations95WPlatinum
24Language Learning95WPlatinum
25Public Opinion Quarterly95WPlatinum
26Journal of Marriage and Family94WPlatinum
27Political Geography94WPlatinum
28European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry94WPlatinum
29Journal of Archaeological Science94WPlatinum
30Quaternary Science Reviews94WPlatinum
31Social Studies of Science94WPlatinum
32Journal of Business Ethics94WPlatinum
33Criminology and Public Policy94WPlatinum
34Current Anthropology94WPlatinum
35Communication Research94WPlatinum
36Social Science and Medicine94WPlatinum
37Emotion Review93WPlatinum
38Explorations in Economic History93WPlatinum
39British Journal for the Philosophy of Science93WPlatinum
40Decision Support Systems93WPlatinum
HEC recognized journals arts and humanities

Source: HJRS

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