6 Fast publishing Scopus journals in education

Publish your research fast with Fast publishing Scopus journals in education. In this blog post, we are listing the education Scopus journals that publish in fast-track mode.

Lists of Fast publishing Scopus journals in education

1. Innovative Higher Education

Time to first decision: 19 days

Aim & Scope: Innovative Higher Education is a refereed scholarly journal that strives to package fresh ideas in higher education in a straightforward and readable fashion. The four main purposes of Innovative Higher Education are: (1) to present descriptions and evaluations of current innovations and provocative new ideas with relevance for action beyond the immediate context in higher education; (2) to focus on the effect of such innovations on teaching and students; (3) to be open to diverse forms of scholarship and research methods by maintaining flexibility in the selection of topics deemed appropriate for the journal; and (4) to strike a balance between practice and theory by presenting manuscripts in a readable and scholarly manner to both faculty and administrators in the academic community.

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2. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

Time to first decision: 23 days

Aim & Scope: An official publication of the International Society of the Learning Sciences, the International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (IJCSCL) fosters a deep understanding of the nature, theory, and practice of computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL). 

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3. The Australian Educational Researcher

Time to first decision: 27 days

Aim & Scope:

The Australian Educational Researcher (AER) provides a forum for education researchers to debate internationally relevant issues across all levels of education, including:

·         early childhood,

·         primary and secondary school education,

·         alternative education,

·         adult education,

·         vocational education and training, and

·         university education.

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4. Fast publishing Scopus journals in education: Journal of Pragmatics

Time to first decision: 40 days

Aim & Scope: The Journal of Pragmatics also encourages work that uses attested language data to explore the relationshipbetween pragmatics and neighbouring research areas such as semantics, discourse analysis, conversation analysis and ethnomethodology, interactional linguistics, sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, media studies, psychology, sociology, and the philosophy of language.

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5. Journal of Computers in Education (Fast publishing Scopus journals in education)

Time to first decision: 28 days

Aim & Scope:

Athors are encouraged to submit papers related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest:

1. Hotspots and Frontiers – reporting on current research and policy initiatives as well as national or international key research projects in the field ICT in education. 

2. Instruction and Design – theoretical and methodological issues related to instructional design, curriculum development, and the role of technology in instructional transformation, particularly issues from social, cultural, psychological, cognitive, and pedagogical perspectives. 

3. Learning and Technology – issues of learning technologies from theoretical and pedagogical perspectives. Specifically, it covers ubiquitous learning, human intelligence as well as other emerging technologies in education. 

4. Media and Tools – patterns of educational communications and state-of-the-art educational media as well as instructional tools, which encompass learning management systems, interactive learning systems, knowledge visual tools, thinking training tools, as well as educational virtual reality systems and educational games.

5. Academic Reviews – reviews on important works and publications in the field of ICT in education.

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6. Computers and Composition

Time to first decision: 40 days

Aim & Scope: Computers and Composition: An International Journal is devoted to exploring the use of computers in writing classes, writing programs, and writing research. It provides a forum for discussing issues connected with writing and computer use. It also offers information about integrating computers into writing programs on the basis of sound theoretical and pedagogical decisions, and empirical evidence.

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