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In this post, 15 important Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on Soft skills and communication Development are presented with answers. For another 15 MCQs, refer to this post.

Multiple Choice Questions on organizational skill development | Set 1

1. Presentation is a form of communication which

            a. Is meant for a specific audience

            b. Has specific purpose

            c. Is always within an informal communicative environment

 A. Only c

 B. a, b & c

 C. Only a & b

 D. Only a & c

2. A presentation can be started off with ‘conclusion’ first.

 A. True

 B. False

3. A presenter

           a. Should vary the pace

           b. Should vary the volume

           c. Should vary the intonation

           d. Should never take breaks or long pauses to show some visual or to tell an anecdote

 A. Only a & d

 B. a, b & c

 C. a, b, c & d

 D. b, c & d

4. When giving a presentation in front of an audience you should not:

 A. Speak loud and clear

 B. Provide handouts if needed

 C. Dress professionally

 D. Look at your screen and not the audience

5. When presenting, your poise should be:

             a. Nervous

             b. Angry

             c. Confident

             d. Relaxed

             e. Annoyed

             f. Shy

 A. Only a, c, d & f

 B. Only a, b, c & e

 C. Only c, d & f

 D. Only c & d

6. Which of these is the best way to establish a good rapport with audience?

 A. Pointing a finger

 B. Making eye contact

 C. Waving your hands

 D. Standing erect

7. Communication originates from the Latin word “communis” which means “ to make common.”

 A. True

 B. False

8. What is one thing that people fear even more than death?

 A. Breaking of relationship

 B. Rejection

 C. Public Speaking

 D. Loss of self-integrity

9. Which kind of communicators believe that the primary purpose of communication is the maintenance or advancement of the personal relationship?

 A. Socratic communicator

 B. Noble communicator

 C. Reflective communicator

 D. None of the above

10. In Fisher’s model of group progression, in which stage do the group members argue about the possible ways of approaching the problem and begin to find solutions?

 A. Emergence

 B. Orientation

 C. Conflict

 D. Reinforcement

11. Good relationship plays an important role in the effective functioning of a group.

 A. True

 B. False

12. The decision making process in a group largely depends on quality of information and _______________.

 A. presentation skills

 B. message transmission

 C. a good leader

 D. good relationships

13. What is a Calligramme?

 A. Combination of music and painting.

 B. Combination of calligraphy and poetry.

 C. Combination of painting and poetry.

 D. Combination of calligraphy and music.

14. Which of the following factors can influence the complete interpretation of a text-image combination during a presentation?

 A. Distance between the images and the texts.

 B. Order of appearance of the images and the texts.

 C. Comparative size of the images and the texts.

 D. All of the above.

15. In the initial credits of many Alfred Hitchcock movies we find that “a terrified word is trembling”! This is an example of –

 A. Text usage as images.

 B. Concrete poetry.

 C. Animated text.

 D. None of the above.

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