Best civil engineering journals with high impact factors

High Impact Factor journals in Civil Engineering: This blog post aims to provide the list of Best civil engineering journals through a table. The table contains information like Journal Title, Publisher, and Impact Factor 2021. Researchers can click on the journal title to know more information regarding a journal.

The top journals expect researchers to submit quality research.

List of top civil engineering journals

Also, check the tips given at the end of this post for publishing in reputed research journals.

S. No.JournalPublisherImpact Factor
1Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies Elsevier8.089
2Transportation Research, Series B: MethodologicalElsevier5.596
3Water ResearchElsevier11.236
4Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure EngineeringWiley-Blackwell11.775
5Mechanical Systems and Signal ProcessingElsevier6.823
6Transportation Research, Part A: Policy and PracticeElsevier5.594
7Rock Mechanics and Rock EngineeringSpringer Nature6.73
8Transportation Research, Part E: Logistics and Transportation ReviewElsevier6.875
9Canadian Geotechnical JournalNRC Research Press3.725
10Transportation ScienceInstitute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences4.117
12TransportationSpringer Nature5.192
13Automation in ConstructionElsevier7.7
14Energy and BuildingsElsevier5.879
15Building and EnvironmentElsevier6.456
16Construction and Building MaterialsElsevier6.141
17Sustainable Cities and SocietyElsevier7.587
18Structural SafetyElsevier5.047
19Composite StructuresElsevier5.407
20Transportation Research, Part D: Transport and EnvironmentElsevier5.495
21Journal of Structural EngineeringASCE3.312
22Structural Control and Health MonitoringWiley-Blackwell4.819
23Engineering StructuresElsevier4.471
24Journal of Composites for ConstructionASCE2.606 (2018)
25International Journal of Impact EngineeringElsevier4.208
26Computers and StructuresElsevier4.578
27Soil Dynamics and Earthquake EngineeringElsevier3.718
28Journal of Constructional Steel ResearchElsevier3.646
29Materials and Structures/Materiaux et ConstructionsSpringer Nature4.04 
30Thin-Walled StructuresElsevier4.442
High Impact Factor Journals in Civil Engineering

Tips for publishing in top journals

  1. Select a research journal with a high acceptance rate.
  2. Make sure the aim and scope of the selected research journal match your research.
  3. Download the journal template from the journal’s website and format your research paper according to the journal guidelines.
  4. Submit the formatted manuscript to the journal and wait for the reviewers’ comments.
  5. After you have received the reviewers’ comments, make changes to your manuscript.

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