SCOPUS indexed journals in Nanotechnology

SCOPUS journals nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a field of research and innovation concerned with building ‘things’ – generally, materials and devices – on the scale of atoms and molecules.

In the following section, we have listed 26 SCOPUS journals in Nanotechnology. These journals are published by Springer, IEEE, Inderscience, Bentham, and other reputed publishers.

Anyone can send good research papers to these journals. These journals can take time two months to 7 months for the publication process. SCOPUS Journals usually take time in months.

List of SCOPUS indexed journals in Nanotechnology

Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNImpact Score
Nature NanotechnologyNature Publishing Group17483387, 1748339522.75
Advanced MaterialsWiley-Blackwell09359648, 1521409528.12
Advanced Functional MaterialsWiley-VCH Verlag1616301X18.12
ACS NanoAmerican Chemical Society1936086X, 1936085116.24
Nano-Micro Letters23116706, 2150555119.55
Nano TodayElsevier1748013217.26
Nano LettersAmerican Chemical Society15306992, 1530698411.38
SmallWiley-VCH Verlag16136829, 1613681013.08
BiomaterialsElsevier BV01429612, 1878590514.4
Nano ResearchTsinghua University Press19980124, 1998000010.01
ACS applied materials & interfacesAmerican Chemical Society19448252, 194482449.44
Biosensors and BioelectronicsElsevier Ltd.18734235, 0956566311.44
Journal of Physical Chemistry LettersAmerican Chemical Society194871856.38
NanoscaleRoyal Society of Chemistry20403372, 204033647.63
Scripta MaterialiaElsevier Ltd.135964625.78
Lab on a ChipRoyal Society of Chemistry14730197, 147301896.97
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Nanomedicine and NanobiotechnologyJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.19395116, 1939004110.86
Materials Science & Engineering A: Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructure and ProcessingElsevier BV92150935.96
Journal of NanobiotechnologyBioMed Central Ltd.147731558.51
Journal of Physical Chemistry CAmerican Chemical Society19327447, 193274553.84
International Journal of NanomedicineDove Medical Press Ltd.11782013, 117691146.86
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and MedicineElsevier Inc.15499634, 154996426.14
Precision EngineeringElsevier Inc.14163593.41
Microporous and Mesoporous MaterialsElsevier138718115.58
Nanoscale Research LettersSpringer New York1556276X, 193175734.91
IEEE Transactions on NanobioscienceInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.15361241, 155826393.23
NanotoxicologyInforma Healthcare17435390, 174354045.16
NanomedicineFuture Medicine Ltd.17486963, 174358895
NanotechnologyIOP Publishing Ltd.09574484, 136165283.66
Beilstein Journal of NanotechnologyBeilstein-Institut Zur Forderung der Chemischen Wissenschaften219042862.98
Nanotechnology, Science and ApplicationsDove Medical Press Limited117789033.85
Reviews on Advanced Materials ScienceWalter de Gruyter GmbH16058127, 160651315.06
BiomicrofluidicsAmerican Institute of Physics193210583.17
IEEE Transactions on NanotechnologyInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.1536125X3.23
Biomedical MicrodevicesKluwer Academic Publishers15728781, 138721763.59
Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and NanostructuresElsevier138694773.25
Microelectronic EngineeringElsevier16793172.73
IEEE Nanotechnology MagazineInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.19427808, 193245101.53
ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing SystemsAssociation for Computing Machinery (ACM)15504832, 155048402
Journal of Biomedical NanotechnologyAmerican Scientific Publishers15507041, 155070333.45
Journal of Experimental NanoscienceTaylor and Francis Ltd.17458080, 174580991.98
Journal of NanomaterialsHindawi Publishing Corporation16874129, 168741103.37
Photonics and Nanostructures – Fundamentals and ApplicationsElsevier15694429, 156944103.16
PlasmonicsSpringer New York155719552.68
Microfluidics and NanofluidicsSpringer Verlag16134982, 161349902.86
Journal of Micromechanics and MicroengineeringIOP Publishing Ltd.13616439, 096013172.28
Microsystem TechnologiesSpringer Verlag94670762.21
Nami Jishu yu Jingmi Gongcheng/Nanotechnology and Precision EngineeringAmerican Institute of Physics167260302.47
Journal of Nanoparticle ResearchSpringer Netherlands13880764, 1572896X2.24
Microelectronics JournalElsevier BV95983242.3
IET NanobiotechnologyJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.175187411.97
AIP AdvancesAmerican Institute of Physics215832261.69
Fullerenes Nanotubes and Carbon NanostructuresTaylor and Francis Ltd.1536383X, 153640461.95
Journal of Micro/ Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMSSPIE19325134, 193251501.44
Nano Biomedicine and EngineeringOpen Access House of Science and Technology (OAHOST)215055781.9
Current NanoscienceBentham Science Publishers B.V.157341371.52
Journal of Laser Micro NanoengineeringJapan Laser Processing188006881.3
NanoWorld Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd179329201.27
Journal of NanophotonicsSPIE193426081.21
Recent Patents on NanotechnologyBentham Science Publishers B.V.22124020, 187221052.23
Journal of Nano ResearchTrans Tech Publications16619897, 166252501.9
Micro and Nano LettersJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.175004431.03
Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and BiostructuresNational Institute R and D of Materials Physics184235820.87
NanoEthicsSpringer Netherlands18714765, 187147571.04
e-Journal of Surface Science and NanotechnologyThe Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science134803910.7
International Journal of NanotechnologyInderscience Enterprises Ltd.147574351.02
International Journal of NanoscienceWorld Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd17935350, 0219581X0.75
SCOPUS journals nanotechnology

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