How to complain against a university to UGC in India?

The UGC has taken a very important step to listen the problems of the students in very transparent way using its new designed Portal.  To lodge a compliant follow the following steps: 1. Go to the link: 2. Click on Student Corner. 3. Here you need to register first and login through this portal. 4. … Read more

What is the minimum time to complete PhD?

The minimum duration of PhD is 3 years including Course Work and the maximum term is 6 years. However the term can be exceeded in some cases.The duration of Course Work is 6 months which is mandatory for every Scholars, however the students with the MPhill background or students who have done course work earlier … Read more

Can I change my PhD supervisor?

Yes you change your PhD Supervisor at some generous cases. Let’s understand some cases:If your topic is get registered under a Supervisor. After that you can’t change your your supervisor normally. Although you can be provided a Co- Supervisor.You can change your supervisor if some think happens like the death of your supervisor, or your … Read more

What to do if your PhD supervisor leaves the university?

If your PhD Supervisor leaves the university, here are the following possibilities you can do or your university can do for you. These possibilities vary from one university to another university.The possibilities are as under: You would be provided another Supervisor. It might affect your research. If you have passed much time with the past … Read more

What is the relation between Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence? | What is the relation between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Relation between IoT and AI The future of IoT is AI. IoT is just interconnection of two or more things using Internet. These things might be an electronic device, a person, a non- living things, etc. We can make them able to communicate with one another using the concept of IoT. For example, a person … Read more


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