What is the minimum time to complete PhD?

The minimum duration of PhD is 3 years including Course Work and the maximum term is 6 years. However the term can be exceeded in some cases.
The duration of Course Work is 6 months which is mandatory for every Scholars, however the students with the MPhill background or students who have done course work earlier can be exempted from the Course Work.
The students who are exempted from the Course Work, have also to devote a minimum term of 3 years for his PhD completion.
After the completion of course work, the scholars have to submit his synopsis for the research for the registration of his topic.
After a suitable time, the Scholar has to submit his synopsis after the course work. The deadline is provided by the university to submit the synopsis. After 18 months of submission of the synopsis, the scholars can submit his thesis, but the overall minimum term of his PhD is 3 years.

From UGC website.

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