HEC recognised language & linguistics (w,x,y category) journals

List of HJRS-approved language and linguistics journals for 2023. This blog post aims to provide the list of the top 20 HEC-recognized language and linguistic journals under the w, x, and y categories.

We will also be describing how to find HEC-recognized language and linguistics journals from the official website of HJRS. HJRS categorizes a research journal into three categories: W, X, and Y—where W is the highest recognized category, followed by X and Y within each subject area and its associated sub-categories.

HJRS says: “A collection of research journals that are categorized into three different categories—W, X, and Y—within their respective knowledge areas on the basis of a number of internationally benchmarked and recognized parameters that measure the quality of a journal.”

Top 20 HEC recognised language & linguistics journals

1Remote Sensing of Environment99WPlatinum
2Molecular Biology and Evolution99WPlatinum
3Trends in Ecology and Evolution99WPlatinum
4Genome Biology99WPlatinum
5Current Biology98WPlatinum
6Plant Cell98WPlatinum
7New Phytologist98WPlatinum
8Biological Reviews98WPlatinum
9Systematic Biology98WPlatinum
10Ecology Letters98WPlatinum
11Trends in Plant Science98WPlatinum
12Plant Physiology98WPlatinum
13ISME Journal98WPlatinum
14Annual Review of Plant Biology98WPlatinum
15PLoS Biology98WPlatinum
16Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences97WPlatinum
17Molecular Plant97WPlatinum
18Plant Biotechnology Journal97WPlatinum
19Trends in Food Science and Technology97WPlatinum
20Annual Review of Phytopathology97WPlatinum
HEC recognized language & linguistics journals

Steps to find HEC-recognised language & linguistics journals from the official website of HJRS

HEC recognised language & linguistics journals
HEC recognized language and linguistics journals.
  1. visit official website of HJRS.
  2. Select Area as “Arts and Humanities”.
  3. Select Subject Areas as “Arts and Humanities”.
  4. Finally Select Subject Sub Categories as “Language and Linguistics”.
  5. You will be shown a list of HJRS approved language and linguistics journals.
  6. You can also export the list to your local computer.

Source & Credit: HJRS

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