Steps to check if a journal is indexed in PubMed

This blog post aims to provide the essential steps required to check if a journal is indexed in PubMed. We have provided below the four steps for checking PubMed journal indexing.

Steps to check if a journal is indexed in PubMed

Follow the steps to check the indexing status of PubMed Journals.

1. Go to

check PubMed journals

2. Type the journal title in the search box below “Search for journals” and click on the search button

Just for example purposes, I am entering a journal-title “AAS Open Research” in the search box.

3. On the search result page, the indexed journal shows “Full” in the “Participation level” column.

check PubMed journals

4. You can also check if the latest volume is present in the PMC archive by clicking on the journal-title hypertext

Thanks for visiting PhDTalks. We hope that the above steps will help you to check the indexing of PubMed journals.

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