Top best Medical Journals by Impact Factor

Top Medical journals based on their impact factors are listed below in this blog post. Details like the Title, SJR, and H-index of these best medical journals are given in the table.

top medical journals

Clarivate has recently declared the impact factor list for journals. On the basis of these impact factors, the top medical journals are listed below. These journals have the highest impact factor in the field of medicine. Check the details of these best medical journals in the world and send your manuscript.

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List of Top & best Medical Journals by Impact Factor

S. No.TitleSJRH index
1Ca-A Cancer Journal for Clinicians62.937 Q1168
2MMWR Recommendations and Reports40.949 Q1143
3Nature Reviews Genetics26.214 Q1365
4Nature Reviews Immunology20.529 Q1390
5MMWR. Surveillance summaries : Morbidity and mortality weekly report. Surveillance summaries / CDC19.961 Q1100
6New England Journal of Medicine19.889 Q11030
7Nature Reviews Cancer19.575 Q1442
8Nature Medicine19.536 Q1547
9Annual Review of Immunology18.301 Q1301
10World Psychiatry15.510 Q193
11Immunity14.286 Q1395
12Physiological Reviews13.853 Q1342
13Lancet Oncology, The13.530 Q1324
14Lancet, The13.103 Q1762
15Cancer Cell13.035 Q1335
16Lancet Neurology, The12.776 Q1291
17Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology12.214 Q1155
18Nature Reviews Microbiology11.496 Q1300
19Nature Reviews Disease Primers10.718 Q195
20Journal of Clinical Oncology10.482 Q1548
21Journal of the American College of Cardiology10.315 Q1431
22Nature Reviews Drug Discovery9.921 Q1328
23European Urology9.799 Q1216
24Genome Research9.556 Q1297
25Annual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease9.417 Q1122
26Clinical Microbiology Reviews9.177 Q1282
27Nature Immunology9.074 Q1388
28Lancet Respiratory Medicine,The9.030 Q1113
29JAMA Oncology8.846 Q199
30Science immunology8.830 Q151
31Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology8.801 Q1133
32Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology,The8.596 Q1114
33Molecular Systems Biology8.523 Q1148
34Journal of Experimental Medicine8.483 Q1448
35Accounts of Chemical Research8.454 Q1395
36Gut8.413 Q1293
37Annual Review of Clinical Psychology8.259 Q1117
38Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report7.992 Q1208
39Lancet Global Health,The7.970 Q188
40Annals of Oncology7.954 Q1242
41Gastroenterology7.828 Q1402
42Annual Review of Microbiology7.817 Q1192
43Circulation7.795 Q1607
44Nature Reviews Endocrinology7.653 Q1148
45Cell Systems7.638 Q158
46JAMA Psychiatry7.531 Q1365
47Reports on Progress in Physics7.530 Q1230
48EMBO Journal7.484 Q1392
49Lancet Infectious Diseases, The7.475 Q1235
50Lancet Psychiatry,The7.447 Q186
Top 50 Medical Journals

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Source: Clarivate

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