ABDC Journal Quality List 2024: Download excel list

If you are looking forward to downloading the complete list of ABDC Journal Quality List, then you are at the right place. From the below sections, you can understand ABDC journals through a video and download the complete and latest list of ABDC journals in excel format.

About ABDC Journal Quality List

The Australian Business Deans Council’s (ABDC) Journal Quality List is a journal ranking exercise undertaken by the Council that divides different business journals into four categories of quality: A*, A, B, and C. 

You can understand from the video below “how to search journals efficiently”. To download the complete ABDC Quality Journals list, scroll down the page.

The List follows an extensive review conducted by Expert Panels, which assessed journals relating to Business and Taxation Law; Economics; Finance including Actuarial Studies; Information Systems; Management, Commercial Services, and Transport and Logistics; Marketing and Tourism; and other areas.

The current List endorses 2,682 journal entries with the following classifications:

  1. A* 7.41% (199)
  2. A 24.27% (651)
  3. B 31.69% (850)
  4. C 36.61% (982)

Sample Entries of the ABDC Journal Quality

Below we are showing a few journals on the list. You can download the complete ABDC Journals list from the link given below.

4ORSpringer NatureB1619-4500
AACE International TransactionsAACE InternationalB1528-7106
AbacusWiley-Blackwell PublishingA0001-3072
Academia Economic PapersAmerican Economic AssociationC1018-161X
Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies JournalAcademy of Accounting and Financial StudiesC1096-3685
Academy of Management AnnalsAcademy of ManagementA*1941-6520
Academy of Management DiscoveriesAcademy of ManagementA2168-1007
Academy of Management JournalAcademy of ManagementA*0001-4273
Academy of Management Learning and EducationAcademy of ManagementA*1537-260X
Academy of Management PerspectivesAcademy of ManagementA1558-9080
Academy of Management ReviewAcademy of Management A*0363-7425
Academy of Marketing Studies JournalJordan Whitney Enterprises, IncB1095-6298
Accident Analysis and PreventionElsevierA*0001-4575
Accountancy Business and the Public InterestAssociation for Accountancy & Business AffairsB1745-7718
Accounting Accountability and PerformanceGriffith UniversityC1445-954X
Accounting and Business ResearchTaylor & Francis OnlineA0001-4788
Accounting and FinanceJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.A0810-5391
Accounting and TaxationInstitute for Business and Finance ResearchC1944-592X
Accounting and the Public InterestAmerican Accounting AssociationB1530-9320
Accounting Auditing and Accountability JournalEmerald Group Publishing LimitedA*0951-3574
Accounting Education Taylor & Francis OnlineA0963-9284
Accounting Educators JournalAcademy of Accounting Educators Inc.B1041-0392
Accounting ForumTaylor & Francis OnlineB0155-9982
Accounting Historians JournalAmerican Accounting AssociationB0148-4184
Accounting HistorySage PublicationsA1032-3732
Accounting History ReviewTaylor & Francis OnlineB2155-2851
Accounting HorizonsAmerican Accounting AssociationA0888-7993
Accounting in EuropeTaylor & Francis OnlineA1744-9480
Accounting PerspectivesWiley-Blackwell PublishingB1911-382X

Download the ABDC Journal Quality List

Note: The revised ABDC Journal Quality List is expected to be released in February 2023.

Download the list of ABDC Journals

The Official Website link is https://abdc.edu.au/

You can also try these useful databases:

Field of Research

  • Accounting – 1501
  • Finance – 1502
  • Management – 1503
  • Marketing/ Tourism/ Logistics – 1504
  • Statistics – 0104
  • Marketing/ Tourism/ Logistics – 1505
  • Marketing/ Tourism/ Logistics – 1506
  • Marketing/ Tourism/ Logistics – 1507
  • Business and Taxation law – 180105
  • Business and Taxation Law – 180125
  • Other commerce, management, tourism, and services – 1599
  • Information Systems – 0806
  • Economics – 1401
  • Economics – 1402
  • Economics – 1403
  • Economics – 1499

Credit and Source: ABDC

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