JKSSB previous year paper graduate level | CGL 2013 PDF

This question paper was asked in 2013 by JKSSB for graduate level posts. This question paper contains 180 questions. Answers are also given with the questions.

JKSSB previous year paper


1. The first woman in space was:
(a) Valentina Tereshkova
(b) Yuri Gagarin
(c) Kalpana Chawla
(d) Allin Collis
2. The book, ‘Revolution-2020’ is authored by:
(a) Jay Prakash Narain
(b) Kiran Desai
(c) Chetan Bhagat
(d) Panas Kumar
3.The first man to reach the South Pole was:
(a) Ann Bancroft
(b) Robert Peary
(c) Louise Brown
(d) Amundsen
4. The famous Jama Masjid at Srinagar was built by:
(a) King Khalid
(b) Md. Tuglak
(c) Sultan Sikandar
(d) Mir Kasim
5. The famous book ‘A Suitable Boy’ is written by:
(a) Vishnu Sharma
(b) Vikram Seth
(c) Nirad C. Chaudhuri
(d) Uma Shankar Joshi
6. Chilka lake is located in which state?
(a) Odisha
(b) Bihar
(c) Telangana
(d) Andhra Pradesh
7. Jhelum rises from which place?
(a) Gangotri
(b) Yamni hill
(c) Dhaulagiri
8. What is the latitude of Tropic of Cancer?
(a) 23 ½ ° N
(b) 66.50 ° N
(c) 23 ½ ° S
(d) 21.50 ° E
9. Which generation of computer used transistor first?
(a) First
(b) Second
(c) Third
(d) Fourth
10. Sound waves are examples of
(a) Transverse wave
(b) Electro-magnetic wave
(c) Longitudinal wave
(d) Quantum wave
11. The President of World Bank is:
(a) Alang Turing
(b) Walter Cronkite
(c) Nikolaas Tinbergen
(d) Jim Yong Kim
12. The Law of Inertia is derived from:
(a) First Law of Newton
(b) Second Law of Newton
(c) First Law of Motion
(d) Zeroth Law of Relative Motion
13. How many squares are there in the figure Given below ?


(a) 6
(b) 8
(c) 9
(d) 11
14. How many quadrilaterals are there in the figure given below?
(a) 64
(b) 60
(c) 58
(d) 56
15. If you reverse the word DISTURBANCE, which letter remains at the same place :
(a) U
(b) B
(c) R
(d) C
16. Where is the headquarter of SAARC located?
(a) Geneva
(b) New York
(c) Paris
(d) Kathmandu 
17. What is the currency of Japan?
(a) Riyal
(b) Yen
(c) Pound
(d) Dollar 
18. Joystick and Scanner are examples of:
(a) Input devices
(b) Output devices
(c) Telephonic devices
(d) None of these
19. What is meant by ALU?
(a) Arithmetic and Logarithmic Unit
(b) Arithmetic and Logic Unit
(c) Assertive and Logic Unit
(d) Amplifying and Logarithmic Unit
20. Correct form of an e-mail address is:
21. BCC in E-mail means:
(a) Black Composer Copy
(b) Blind Composer Copy
(c) Black Carbon Copy
(d) Blind Carbon Copy
22. Mass of Atom is determined by:
(a) Protons & Neutrons
(b) Electrons & Protons
(c) Electrons & Neutrons
(d) Electrons, Protons & Neutrons
23. Tocopherol is another name for:
(a) Vitamin K
(b) Vitamin B
(c) Vitamin E
(d) Vitamin A
24. The United Nations system is based on the following number of organs:
(a) 4
(b) 6
(c) 5
(d) 15
25. Folic Acid is:
(a) Vitamin B
(b) Vitamin D
(c) Vitamin C
(d) Vitamin A
26. Change of distance per unit time is:
(a) velocity
(b) acceleration
(c) speed
(d) friction
27.What is the unit of acceleration?
(a) m/sec
(b) m.sec
(c) m.sec2
(d) m/sec2
28. Hill of Hari Parbat has the shrine of:
(a) Khwaja Makhdoom Sahib
(b) Vaishno Devi
(c) Bhairav Nath
(d) Bala Ji
29.J&K State RT1 came into force in :
(a) March 2008
(b) September 2008
(c) March 2009
(d) September 2009
30.Indus water treaty happened in :
(a) 1950
(b) 1962
(c) 1960
(d) 1958
31. Green House gases are:
(a) Transparent to light, but radiate heat
(b) Transparent to light, but absorb heat
(c) Semi-transparent to light, but absorb heat
(d) Semi-transparent to light, but reflect heat
32. Global coolant is:
(a) Biofused gas
(b) Trans conductive gas
(c) Aerosol
(d)Heat absorbent
33. The theory of relativity was given by:
(a) Albert Einstein
(b) Newton
(c) Fraunhofer
(d) Doppler
34. The autotrophic organisms are those:
(a) which produce food of their own with sunlight and CO2?
(b) which do not produce food of their own
(c) which produce food of their own with C09 at night only
(d) which produce food of their own with sunlight and Oxygen
35. The process by which C02 is returned back to environment is:
(a) Transmission of biomass
(b) Metabolism of biota
(c) Transfusion of biomass
(d) Respiration of biota
36. Polarity of water is because:
(a) It carries partial negative charge
(b) It carries partial positive charge
(c) Both A and B
(d) None of these
37. Density of water is:
(a) 1 g/cm3
(b) 1000 g/cm3
(c) 1 cm/gram3
(d) 1000 cm/gm3
38. Biological Nitrogen fixation means:
(a) the process of capturing atmospheric nitrogen by the organism in soil
(b) the process of capturing atmospheric nitrogen by the soil
(c) the process of capturing atmospheric nitrogen by the organism in environment
(d) None of these
39. Catalyst converter in vehicles:
(a) removes harmful waste and increases pollution
(b) removes harmful waste and decreases pollution
(c) absorbs harmful waste and increases pollution
(d) absorbs harmful waste and decreases pollution
40. Central Statistical Organization was formed in:
(a) 1951
(b) 1956
(c) 1952
(d) 1955 
41. ENIAC machine was invented by:
(a) Blaise Pascal and J. Presper Eckert
(b) Blaise Pascal and Charles Babbage
(c) Charles Babbage and John Mauchly
(d) J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly
42. Lessajous figures are meant for determining:
(a) frequency of light
(b) speed of particle
(c) frequency of sound
(d) speed of radiation
43.The indicators of pollution are:
(a) Richter
(b) Lichens
(c) Pollugone
(d) Matric tonos
44.Who was associated with Amritsar treaty?
(a) Gulal Singh
(b) Gulab Singh
(c) Mehul Singh
(d) Ranjeet Singh
45. Who was the founder of Karkota dynasty in Kashmir?
(a) Durlabhavardhana
(b) Harshvardhan
(c) Munric Chand
(d) Fulkin
46. What is the origin of Chenab River?
(a) Shrinagar
(b) Hemkund
(c) Lahaul
(d) None of these
47. First war of Independence began in:
(a) 1905
(b) 1911
(c) 1802
(d) 1857
48. Emphasis on Human development was started in:
(a) 5th Five year plan
(b) 6th Five year plan
(c) 8th Five year plan
(d)10th Five year plan
49. Installed Capacity of Uri 1 Dam is:
(a) 480 MW
(b) 532 MW
(c) 467 KW
(d) 493 KW
50.The first fortification of Hari Parbat was constructed by:
(a) Akbar
(b) Shahjahan
(c) Humayun
(d) Shershah
51. Manasbal is famous for:
(a) Rose
(b) Lotus
(c) Juhi
(d) Apple
52. ‘Meithei’ language is spoken in:
(a) Odisha
(b) Western U.P.
(c) Manipur
(d) North Bihar
53. Who is the present Chairman of Planning Commission?
(a) President
(b) Governor
(c) Prime Minister
(d) Chief Justice
54. The Capital City of Odisha is:
(a) Bhubaneshwar
(b) Baleshwar
(c) Cuttuck
(d) Vizag
55. What is the commercial unit of electrical energy?
(a) Watt-hour
(b) Kilowatt
(c) Kilowatt hour
(d) Watt
56.Who was awarded the Tagore Award in 2012?
(a) Hari Krishan
(b) Panas
(c) Mehul Verma
(d) Ravi Shankar
57.ASEAN contains:
(a) 8 members and 2 observer countries
(b) 10 members and 4 observer countries
(c) 8 members and 4 observer countries
(d) 10 members and 2 observer countries
58. Incentive is:
(a) an inducement to improve performance
(b) to assist
(c) financial help
(d) None of these
59. First Indian to win Gold medal in Commonwealth Games:
(a) Abhinav Bindra
(b) Milkha Singh
(c) Sushil Kumar
(d) Yogeshwar Dutt
60. Which game is not part of Olympic Games?
(a) Cricket
(b) Hockey
(c) Boxing
(d) Aquatics
61.A lady said, “The person standing there is my grandfather’s only son s daughter How is
the lady related to the standing person?
(a) Sister
(b) Mother
(c) Aunt
(d) Cousin
62. Pointing towards a man, a person said that he is the son of my niece. How is speaker’s
daughter related to the man?
(a) Aunt
(b) Sister
(c) Daughter
(d) Cousin
63. Rabi crops are:
(a) Rice, Wheat, Soya, etc.
(b) Rice, Soya, Mustard, etc.
(c) Wheat, Mustard, Soyabean, etc.
(d) Soya, Rice, Pulse, etc.
64. A train 600 metre long is running with a speed of 54 km/hr. In what time will it pass a
tunnel 200 metre long?
(a) 48 seconds
(b) 50 seconds
(c) 53 seconds
(d) 55 seconds
65. The molecule which resists most organic solvents and is formed after oxidation when
(a) Poly Vinyl Chlorate (PVC)
(b) Poly Acryl Nitrate (PAN)
(c) Poly Sulphate
(d) Poly Vinyl Floride
66. Modulation and demodulation of frequencies is done by:
(a) Router
(b) Bridge
(c) Modem
(d) LAN
67. Translator between Operating system and Hardware is:
(a) Compiler
(b) Interpreter
(c) Printer
(d) Device Driver
68. Which one is the Internet Browser ?
(a) Mozilla Firefox
(b) Cabol
(c) Microsoft
(d) G-mail
69. To securely send and receive data over internet, we use:
(a) WW
(b) https
(c) wtc
(d) w3c
70. ‘Osmo-regulation’ means:
(a) regulations of 02 in our body
(b) transmission of H20 in our body
(c) transmission of 02 in our body
(d) regulation of H20 level in our body
71. At which place tourism is round the year?
(a) Amarnath
(b) Kedarnath
(c) Vaishno Devi
72. Blue Chips are:
(a) Blue tokens
(b) Blue tiles
(c) Shares of particularly well-known and established companies, which have shown
consistent growth over the years
(d) None of the above
73. If DCSRGF codes for CDRSFG, what does
J1NMQP stands for:
74. Strait between England and France is:
(a) Strait of Paris
(b) Strait of Dover
(c) Strait of Osaka
(d) Strait of London
75. Pyruate is converted into C02 in :
(a) Mictro-ornida
(b) Gelecindra
(c) Mitochondria
(d) None of these
76. Coliform’s (bacteria) presence in water means:
(a) pollution due to human excreta
(b) pollution due to industries
(c) pollution due to aquatic species
(d) None of these
77. Which reaction happens inside the Sun:
(a) Nuclear fission
(b) Nuclear fusion
(c) Radioactive decay
(d) Both (a) and (b)
78. The second highest gallantry award in India is:
(a) Padam Bhushan
(b) Vir Chakra
(c) Mahavir Chakra
(d) Ashok Chakra
79. A man travels 2 km to the East then turns
right and walks next 3 km, turns his right and
walks 4 km. What is his position with respect
to initial position:
(a) South-West
(b) North-East
(c) North-West
(d) South-East
80. Birla Foundation Awards are given to …… sportspersons every year and the value of each
award is Rs……
(a) six, seventy thousand
(b) two, one lakh
(c)nine, one lakh
(d) four, seventy-five thousand
81. First Miss World Competition was established by ‘Miss World Incorporation’ in
the year:
(a) 1941
(b) 1950
(c) 1951
(d) 1957
82. Who among the following has won Nobel Prize for Literature in 2013?
(a) David J. Wineland
(b) John B. Gurdon
(c) Alice Munro
(d) Alvin E. Roth
83. A man walks 5 m to the East, turns right
and walks 12 m, turns right again and walks 10
m. What is the shortest distance of the man
from the initial position?
(a) 16 m
(b) 13 m
(c) 14 m
(d) 12 m
84. Red wavy line under a word in Microsoft Word means:
(a) Spelling Mistake
(b) Big gap
(c) Double character
(d) Font change
85. India’s longest transport tunnel is located in:
(a) The Gandhi Setu
(b) The Jawahar Tunel
(c) The Pir Punjal Tunnel
(d) None of these
86. Function key for editing in Spreadsheet/MS Excel:
(a) F4
(b) F3
(c) FI
(d) F2
87. For new PPT in Powerpoint presentation, shortcut key is:
(a) Ctrl+ Shift + N
(b) Shift + N
(c) Ctrl+ O
(d) Ctrl + N 
88. The first ever B.R. Amedkar National Award was given to:
(a) Baba Amte
(b) T. Shiv Shankar Pillai
(c) International Red Cross
(d) National Institute for Social Work and Social Sciences
89. Efficiency of Laser printer is determined by:
(a) PPP
(b) PPt
(c) PmP
(d) ppm
90. Photosensitive unit of Laser printer which prints letters and images by fixing toner to the
paper by heat and pressure is called:
(a) drum
(b) cartridge
(c) disc
(d) roler
91.Chapter III of RTI 2009 says:
(a) President’s Rule
(b) Constitution of State Information Commission
(c) Constitution of State Service Taxes
(d) None of these
92. A persistent rise in the price purchase levels of goods and services leading to the fall
in the currency’s purchasing power is called:
(a) evaluation
(b) inclusion
(c) inflation
(d) incrementation
93. If Voltage is 40 Volts and resistance is 100Q, then current is:
(a) 4 A
(b) 0.4 A
(c) 0.04 A
(d) 40 A
94. Conversion of gas into liquid is called:
(a) convection
(b) solidification
(c) condensation
(d) effusion
95. ‘India Today’ is______ magazine.
(a) monthly
(b) yearly
(c) daily
(d) weekly
96. Main sustainable cropping season in India is:
(a) Rabi
(b) Kharif
(c) Rainy
(d) None of these
97. Rocket works on the basis of:
(a) principle of conservation of momentum
(b) principle of relativity
(c) principle of conservation of mass
(d) principle of conservation of energy
98. Which one of the following groups is more closely related from the viewpoint of
(a) silverfish, starfish, cuttlefish
(b) earthworm, seahorse, hookworm
(c) housefly, dragonfly, butterfly
(d) None of the above
99. Red blood corpuscles are produced in:
(a) liver
(b) spleen
(c) bone marrow
(d) kidneys
100. The disease, for the treatment of which, the first oral drug has been developed:
(a) Cancer
(b) Pneumonid
(c) Small pox
(d) Plague
101.E-Com is a short form of:
(a) Engineering Commercial
(b) Electronic Commercial
(c) Electronic Commerce
(d) None of the above
102. Archery is the National Sport of:
(a) China
(b) Japan
(c) Bhutan
(d) Shri Lanka
103. First industrial policy resolution came into force in:
(a) 1956
(b) 1963
(c) 1948
(d) 1951
104. Acid and base combine to form:
(a) salt and nitrogen
(b) nitrogen and oxygen
(c) salt and water
(d) acid and alkali
105. Cellulose could be obtained from:
(a) wood and cotton
(b) silk and cotton
(c) paper and silk
(d) wood and silk
106. ELISA test is done for the detection of:
(a) cancer
(b) AIDS
(c) diabetes
(d) None of the above
107. Triple Antigen prevents:
(a) small pox, malaria, whooping cough
(b) tetanus, diphtheria, small pox
(c) whooping cough, tetanus, polio
(d) diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough
108. A freel falling body:
(a) would fall towards the surface of the earth.
(b) would have no weight
(c) would have one half of its original weight
(d) None of the above
109. J&K RTI act provides for setting out the ‘regime of right to information for the people of state in order to provide:
(a) Transparency and Accountability
(b) Accountability and credibility
(c) Honesty and Peace
(d) Development and Peace
110. Article 356 and 357 were extended to J&K in:
(a) August 1964
(b) March 1964
(c) September 1964
(d) December 1964
111. Which Oceanography medal is presented every
3 years and carries prize of $ 15,000:
(a) Obaidullah Gold Cup
(b) Wellington Trophy
(c) Alexander Agassiz
(d) Nixan Gold Trophy
112. Abhinav Bindra is associated with:
(a) Golf
(b) Shooting
(c) Boxing
(d) Wrestling
113. Who is associated with the theory of
inheritance of acquired characters?
(a) Spencer
(b) Mandeleev
(c) Lamarck
(d) All of the above
114. Ligaments and tendons in the body are made up of:
(a) skeletal tissue
(b) muscular tissue
(c) connective tissue
(d) epithelial tissue
115. A cell membrane is:
(a) completely permeable
(b) impermeable
(c) semi-permeable
(d) None of the above
116. Who took on as the governor of RBI on 4 September 2013:
(a) Raghuram Rajan
(b) Ranjeet Singh
(c) Y.R. Reddy
(d) Somnath Sharma
117. Recipient of Sahitya Academy award for Body language in 2012 is:
(a) Anil Boro
(b) Guneswar Musahari
(c) Subodh Sarkar
(d) Radhakant Thakur
118. Jananpith Award 2012 is given to:
(a) Ravuri Bharadwaja
(b) Sugatha Kumari
(c) M.S. Swaminathan
(d) Kedar Nath Singh
119. Vitamin deficiency that causes weak bones in children is:
(a) Vitamin A
(b) Vitamin B
(c) Vitamin D
(d) Vitamin E
120. The word which explains the similarity or difference of waves:
(a) phase
(b) amplitude
(c) frequency
(d) time
121. Energy stored in organic matter is called:
(a) Power
(b) Bio-energy
(c) Charge
(d) Metabolism
122. In Microsoft Word the extra space, where you plan on binding your document, is
provided by:
(a) Spacebar
(b) Ctrl
(c) Shift
(d) Gutter Margin
123. The function in Microsoft Office by which multiple documents are produced from single template is called:
(a) Mail merge
(b) Mail store
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of these
124. Parts of computer that can be touched are called:
(a) Software
(b) Peripheral
(c) Hardware
(d) Functional
125. Memory that needs constant refreshing:
(a) SRAM
(d) DROM
126. The North American seaport on the Pacific side is:
(a) Baltimore
(b) Boston
(c) New York
(d) Seattle
127. The old name of Harare was:
(a) Sam
(b) Rhodesia
(c) Salisbury
128. The famous Prince of Wales Museum is located in:
(a) Mumbai
(b) Kolkata
(c) Vadodara
(d) Bangalore
129. Who invented Atom Bomb (Uranium Fission)?
(a) A.W. Haffmann
(b) Otto Hahn
(c) A Einstein
(d) None of the above
130. The first ever woman of Indian origin to go into space was:
(a) Kalpana Chawla
(b) Valentina Tereshkova
(c) Mary Pierce
(d) None of the above
131. The highest mountain peak in India is:
(a) K-2
(b) Everest
(c) Kanchanjunga
(d) Makalu-I
132. The ‘Garden City’ of England is:
(a) Portsmouth
(b) Manchester
(c) Kent
(d) Warwickshire
133. Habeas Corpus is:
(a) an order of the International Court of Justice
(b) a type of writ issued by a High Court or Supreme Court against illegal detention of a
(c) the petition of a lawyer in the Supreme Court on behalf of his client for bail against the orders of any other court in India
(d) None of the above
134. Find the next term in the series:
1,4,13,40, 121,……:
(a) 243
(b) 364
(c) 325
(d) 453
135. Find the missing number in the series:
(a) 10
(b) 12
(c) 9
(d) 13
136. Find the next number in the series:
2, 3,4, 5, 7, 8, 9,12,13,…:
(a) 13
(b) 15
(c) 17
(d) 19
137. Find the next term : TXS, RVW, PTA, ….
(a) NRE
(b) NRD
(c) WXK
(d) NQE
138. On marking correctly one question, a boy gets 5 marks, and 2 marks are deducted on marking a wrong response. He attempted 85 questions but got 285 marks. How many
questions did he mark correctly?
(a) 39
(b) 54
(c) 65
(d) 72
139. If XMKIV means TIGER, how can PONG be written ?
(a) LKJD
(b) LKIC
(c) LJIC
(d) LKJC
140. Milk is an example of:
(a) gel
(b) emulsion
(c) suspension
(d) mixture
141. The first country to establish trade
relationships with India was:
(a) England
(b) France
(c) Holland
(d) Portugal
142. Time gap between two sessions of
Parliament cannot exceed:
(a) 3 months
(b) 6 months
(c) 1 year
(d) No fixed gap
143. Complete the series TIE, WIJ, ZIO,…?..
(a) CIS
(b) CIT
(c) DBS
(d) PK
144 Complete the series: ZYLN, WVK, TSFH,
(a) QPEC
(b) QPDE
(c) QPCF
(d) QPCE
145. Complete the series: HOLE, LLPB, PITY,
(a) TFXU
(b) TFWV
(c) TFXV
(d) TFPV
Directions (Qs. 146 to 150): Read the given coded information and choose the correct
answer from the given options. 146. If ‘water’ is called ‘blue’, ‘blue’ is called ‘red’, ‘red’ is called ‘white’, ‘white’ is called ‘sky’, ‘sky’ is called ‘rain’, ‘rain’ is called ‘green’, ‘green’ is called ‘air’ and ‘air’ is called ‘table’, which of the following is the colour of milk?
(a) white
(b) rain
(c) sky
(d) green
147. If ‘light’ is called ‘dark’, ‘dark’ is called
‘green’, ‘green’ is called ‘blue’, ‘blue’ is called
‘red’, ‘red’ is called ‘white’ and ‘white’ is called
‘yellow’, what is the colour of blood?
(a) red
(b) dark
(c) white
(d) yellow
148. Mini is to the right of Rajni but to the left
of Ananta. Saya is to the right of Mini but to
the left of Jaya. Who is on the extreme left if
all the girls are facing North?
(a) Jaya
(b) Mini
(c) Rajni
149. If‘+’ means ’ means ‘x’; ‘x’ means *+’ and
‘-r’ means *+’, then
15×5-5- 10 + 5-3=?
(a) 9.5
(b) 0
150. If Rahul finds that he is 12th from the right in a line of boys and 4th from the left, how many boys should be added to the line such that there are 28 boys in the line?
(a) 12
(b) 14
(c) 20
(d) 13
Directions (Qs. 151 to 160): Read the following passage and answer the questions given
Peace and order are necessary, not just in our own country but also at the international level, if we are to secure national progress and development. The different countries in the world are coming closer today due to faster means of transport and communication.
Economically, they are becoming increasingly interdependent. If peace is disturbed in one part of the world, it has adverse effects in other parts of the world as well. Nuclear weapons have already threatened the world with nuclear war.
If the conflicts between different nations are not settled in time, they might culminate in a nuclear war destroying the whole world. It is therefore, in our own interest that the world is free of conflicts. If at all there are any, they must be settled promptly and peace should be restored. That is why we have declared the establishment of international peace and understanding as an objective of our foreign policy.
We need the help and co-operation of other countries for our scientific, industrial and
economic development, especially in those fields, where we have yet to achieve self sufficiency. We obtain the latest machinery, technology and financial aid from the developed countries. On our part we, too, offer help to the under-developed countries. We are keen on maintaining friendly relations with other countries. Such friendly relations foster international understanding. We have always exerted ourselves to see that the disputes arising between the different nations are settled through peaceful
negotiations. We play an active role in the United Nations, the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, the Commonwealth of Nations and other such international
organisations. We make it a point to participate in the international conferences on issues, like; energy crisis, environmental imbalance, nuclear arms race etc. We always offer a helping hand to other nations affected by natural calamities such as famines, earthquakes, floods and so on. We strive to maintain peaceful and friendly relations with our neighbouring countries. Why do we do all this ? We sincerely believe that conflicts in today’s world should be minimised, making way for better co-operation among the nations. If this is achieved, human resources will no longer be wasted in things like war or aggression. There will be no destruction of wealth. We believe that, in a peaceful world, there will be greater scope for the economic and cultural development of countries.
151. According to the passage, maintaining friendly relations with other countries
(a) developing international understanding
(b) exchange of scientists and technologists
(c) strategic planning in defence matters
(d) import and export of several vital commodities
152. If conflicts between nations do not cease:
(a) international bodies will have to take up these issues
(b) international understanding will not be fostered
(c) nuclear war will destroy the whole world
(d) the means of transport and communication will be disrupted
153. Which of the following is obtained by us from the developed countries, according to the passage?
(a) Fertilisers
(b) Foodgrains
(c)Leather Products
(d) Technology
154. Which of the following, according to the passage, is facilitating the process of different countries coming together?
(a) Emerging world order
(b) Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
(c) Our participation in international conferences
(d) Faster means of transport and communication
155. Minimizing the conflicts and making way for better co-operation among the nations will result in:
(a) useful and purposive utilization of human resources
(b) better utilisation of means of transport and communication
(c) culmination of nuclear war destroying the world
(d) keenness on maintaining friendly relations with other countries
156. Which of the following statements is not true in the context of the passage?
(a) International conflicts must be settled promptly
(b)We try to maintain friendly relations with our neighbors
(c)We participate in many international conferences
(d) Each country can be considered isolated and insulated from the effects of other countries
157. Which of the following words is largely SIMILAR in meaning of the word culminate’
as used in the passage?
(a) Reach the highest point
(b) Stretch to the maximum
(c) Absolute standards
(d) Total destruction
158. Which of the following words is most OPPOSITE in meaning of the word ‘foster’ as
used in the passage.
(a) Advocate
(b) Hinder
(c) Obviate
(d) Facilitate
159. The question, “Why do we do all this” ? is asked in the passage, in which of the following contexts?
(a) We always offer a helping hand to other nations in improving their technology
(b) We endeavour to maintain peaceful and friendly relations with our neighbours
(c) We obtain the latest machinery, technology and financial aid from the developed countries
(d) We have shaped our foreign policy in a balanced and purposeful manner
160. Does any of the following sentences contain any idea expressed in the passage?
(a) We have to make conscious efforts to preserve our national unity
(b) Our country is huge in size and population where many languages are spoken
(c) We have adopted the objective of democracy in the interest of overall development of our country
(d) None of these statements contain any idea expressed in the passage
Directions (Qs. 161 to 165) : In each of the following questions, each word is followed by
four options a, b,c and d. Select the option which expresses the MEANING of the given
(a) Falling
(b) Failing
(c) Unreal
(d) Foolish
(a) Injury
(b) Injurious
(c) Persistence
(d) Discontinuance
(a) Apart
(b) Uncondensed
(c) Different
(d) Separate
(a) Serious
(b) Recall
(c) Comic
(d) Dissolve
(a) Relinquishment
(b) Periodical
(c) Correspondence
(d) Arbitration
Directions (Qs. 166 to 170) : In the following questions, each word is followed by four
options a, b,c and d. Select the option which is the ANTONYM of the given word.
(a) Virtuous
(b) Good
(c) Auspicious
(d) Holy
(a) Disloyal
(b) Goodwill
(c) Veteran
(d) Loyal
(a) Enrich
(b) Weak
(c) Exit
(d) Never
(a) Falsity
(b) Loyalty
(c) Sincerity
(d) Wane
(a) Obscure
(b) Timid
(c) Restrained
(d) Exuberant
Directions (Qs. 171 to 175): Fill in the blanks with correct options.
171. Is this…..clue to……solution?
(a) a, an
(b) an, a
(c) the, a
(d) a, the
172. This edition has …… introduction by
(a) a, the
(b) the, a
(c) an, the
(d) a, an
173. We got……loan from……..bank.
(a) the, the
(b) a, the
(c) a, a
(d) the, a
174. It took her 11 hours to reach here by air.
She……..be tired.
(a) shall
(b) will
(c) may
(d) might
175. He……by the road when the boy…….. into the river.
(a) walked, fell
(b) walks, falls
(c) was walking, fell
(d) will walk, will fall
Directions (Qs. 176 and 177): Select one word for the following statements from the given
176. Type of government, where a
king/emperor or a queen/empress inherits
his/her position from own family:
(a) Democracy
(b) Autocracy
(c) Anarchy
(d) Monarchy
177. Which type of government wants the privatization of market economy?
(a) Socialist
(b) Capitalist
(c) Communist
(d) Democratic
178. Select the indirect narration of the following sentence in direct narration:
The Judge said, “Call the accused”.
(a) The judge requested to call the accused.
(b) The judge asked to call the accused.
(c) The judge persuaded to call the accused.
(d) The judge ordered to call the accused.
Direction: In the question below, the passage consists of six sentences. The first and the sixth sentences are given in the beginning. The middle four sentences have been removed and jumbled up. These are labeled P, Q, R and S. Find out the proper order for the four sentences.
179. S1 : Just as some men like to play football or tennis, so some men like to climb
S6 : You look down and see the whole country below you.
P : This is often very difficult to do, for mountains are not just big hills.
Q : Paths are usually very steep, and some mountain-sides are straight up and down, so
that it may take many hours to climb as little as one hundred feet.
R : There is always the danger that you may fall off and be killed or injured.
S : Men talk about conquering a mountain, and the wonderful feeling it is to reach the top of a mountain after climbing for hours and may be, even for days.
The proper sequence should be:
(c) RQPS
Direction: In the following question, four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase
italicized in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the
Q.180 Why must you look a gift horse in the mouth?
(a) welcome a gift
(b) find fault with a gift
(c) be fastidious
(d) examine a gift carefully

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