IDRBT Post Doctoral Fellowship (IPDF)

The IDRBT Post Doctoral Fellowship (IPDF) aims to widen the human resources base of researchers in Banking Technology by drawing candidates with a keen interest in carrying out research and resolving various technology issues related to Banking. The salient features of this Fellowship scheme are as under:


  • to Identify and encourage promising young researchers with innovative ideas to work on focal areas of research of the Institute
  • to undertake critical research projects successfully and thereby contribute to the IDRBT’s research initiatives
  • to Develop and deliver working prototypes for commercial use in due course

Areas of Research

  • Financial Networks and Applications
  • Electronic Payments and Settlement Systems
  • Security Technologies for the Financial Sector
  • Financial Information Systems and Business Intelligence


Ph. D. in Computer Science, Networks, Security or in an above-cited area, and within three years of being awarded the Ph. D. degree or those who have submitted their Ph. D. thesis.

Not beyond 35 years of age.

Number of Fellowships

Five fellowships in one financial year. Two fellowships are open to scholars from other countries.


  • Monthly Post Doctoral Fellowship of Rs. 54,000/- during the first year; Rs 57,000/- per month during the second year and Rs 60,000/- per month during the third year, provided the fellowship is extended beyond two years
  • Funding for participation in one national seminar/conference/workshop in which the fellow has an accepted research paper as per the IDRBT Research Publication Rules, once in a year
  • Funding of upto Rupees One lakh for attending renowned conferences abroad, subject to actual, provided the IPDF Fellow has completed at least one year of research and a research paper in the area of his/her research and in which the fellow is an author is accepted in a renowned international conference, once during the entire tenure of the IPDF


The duration of the IPDF will not normally be more than two years and extendable by a maximum of one more year, if the performance is outstanding.

How to Apply

Applicants are invited to send a research proposal of not over 2500 words, clearly detailing the deliverables, along with the curriculum vitae and duly-filled application form. The short listed candidates will then be interviewed by a selection panel.

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