How do I find the best journal for my paper?

To find a suitable journal for your research paper is crucial.  However, beginners ignore and they send research papers in the random journal. As a consequence, a lot of time and energy consumption is wasted.

If you are not sure where to submit your research paper, you can use Journal Finder facility to find best suited journal for publishing your paper. Journal Finder uses smart search technology and field-of-research specific vocabularies to match your research paper to scientific journals. This Journal Finder facility is provided by different publishers to find suitable journal for your research paper.

The JournalFinder helps to find the best journal and provides the list of best suited journals with important information like acceptance rate, total time for response etc; for every journal.

Website Links of different JournalFinders of various publishers are presented at the last.

How to use JournalFinder to find a journal?

JournallFinder of Elsevier:

find the best journal

Enter title and abstract of your paper to easily find journals that could be best suited for publishing. JournalFinder uses vocabularies of your research paper to match your paper to scientific journals.

JournallFinder of Wiley:

find the best journal

Enter the Title and Abstract of your research paper.

JournalSuggester of Springer:

Enter your manuscript details to see a list of journals most suitable for your research. You can also refine your search.

JournalSuggester of Taylor & Francis:

Paste in the full abstract of your article and click on ‘reveal suggested journals.

PublisherJournalFinder Link
Taylor & Francis
Emerald Publishing

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