What is Cloud Computing? | Technological Issues in Cloud Computing.

Explaining Cloud Computing

The definition which is provided by NIST states:

“Cloud Computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.”

Technological Issues

This domain targets various issues based on the cloud computing technology. Researches in this area are focused on inherent components and mechanisms driving it. It involves:

  • Scalability in Cloud Computing
  • Load Balancing
  • Resource Allocation
  • Data Security
  • Ensuring QoS by Migration of Virtual Machines
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Cloud Interoperability
  • Fault Tolerance issue
  • Business Issues
  • Cost/ BenefitAnalysis
  • Pricing/Billing
  • Trustworthiness in the cloud

Scalability in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is now emerging as a scalable delivery platform. In this, it has a capability to dynamically scale up or down the number of instances of server assigned to an application. However, it becomes necessary to attend the service cost of the server and its quality properly.

Load Balancing

It has always remained a pivotal subject for those whose objective is to ensure that all the computing resources are distributed efficiently and effectively to improve its utility. Many load balancing algorithms, have been introduced and still many have been in the platform for its improvement purpose.

Resource Allocation

In this, resources are allotted as per the need of the user, as per the SLA signed between the two parties. As there is a large resource requirement, resources have to be shared. Sometimes, this resource sharing becomes unrelated; it leads to wastage of resources. Resource allocation is always starved if allocation is not properly managed.

Data Security

One of the major concerns of using cloud computing technology is storing data on cloud. It is already clear that security plays an important role of obstacles for using cloud computing acceptance. Undoubtedly, keeping your data running on software as someone’s hardware disk appear flickering to many. Various noteworthy security issues such as phishing, loss of data and botnet is one of the serious threats to organization’s data and software. 

Ensuring QoS by Migration of Virtual Machines

It concerns about service providers to provide good quality of service by taking decision about allocation of VM, cost of VM, cost of data transfer, overall response time etc. The main problem arises of cost optimization and execution time.

Energy Efficiency

It provides various infinite resources that are provided on demand and are charged according to the usage. This provides remarkable economic benefits to both cloud providers and cloud users.

Service Level Agreement

SLAs are negotiated between consumers and providers. The primary issue of defining suitable SLA specifications in such a way that it can cover maximum of customer expectations.

Cloud Interoperability

The pivotal aim of interoperability is to recognize the data flow across the cloud service provider and its application among the users.

Fault Tolerance issue

A fault tolerant is a system that is designed and developed to continue with its working even when some of the parts of the system are unavailable or “down.

Business Issues

These issues are concerned with business models and some implications of technology.

Cost/ Benefit Analysis

It aims at quantifying cost and benefit for shifting tasks on clouds. Some trade-offs i.e. communication, computation and integration.


In this, models based on pricing and billing is developed in order to maintain customer satisfaction with additional guaranteed profits for the providers.

Trustworthiness in the cloud

Brokers of cloud acts as a bridge between customers and their providers of cloud. Trustworthiness as cloud service providers is the major challenge faced by the customer nowadays.

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