List of ABBREVIATIONS used in the field of web recommendation and machine learning

Short Term:     Full Form

LMS:     Learning Management System

EDM:     Educational Data Mining

RS:     Recommender System

DM:     Data Mining

RM:     Relationship Mining

CS:     Computer Science

TAM:     Technology Acceptance Model

TBNN:     Threshold Based Nearest Neighbourhood

PCRS:     Personalized Course Recommender System

EM:     Electronic Medias

ET:     Educational Technology

ICT:     Information and Communication Technologies

DM:     Database Management

IR:     Information Retrieval

AI:     Artificial Intelligence

ML:     Machine Learning

LA:     Learning Analytics

CBF:     Content Based Filtering

CF:     Collaborative filtering

KBS:     Knowledge Based Systems

HS:     Hybrid Systems

AIN:     Artificial Immune Network

CDL:     Collaborative Deep Learning

CR:     Collaborative Topic Regression

LDA:     Latent Dirichlet Allocation

NN:     Neural Network

RNN:     Recurrent Neural Network

CBRS:     Content Based Recommender System

SL:     Social Learning

PL:     Peer Learning

OBRS:     Ontology Based Recommender Systems

DSN:     Document Semantic Network

MOODLE:     Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment

CBR:     Case Based Reasoning

KNN:     K-Nearest Neighbourhood

VSM:     Vector Space Model

SVM:     Support Vector Machines

RDF:     Resource Description Framework

DLQ:     Description Language Query

FOL:     First Order Logic

DL:     Description Logic

HRS:     Hybrid Recommender System

OWL:     Web Ontology Language

TF-IDF:     Term Frequency- Inverse Document Frequency

PCRS:     Personalized Course Recommender System

TP:     True Positive

FP:     False Positive

TN:     True Negative

FN:     False Negative

MAP:     Mean Average Precision

RMSE:     Root Mean Square Error RMSE

MAE:     Mean Absolute Error

SEM:     Structural Equation Modeling

TRA:     Theory of Reasoned Action

IT:     Information Technology

IS:     Information System

EV:     External Variables

ATU:     Attitude Towards Using Technology

PU:     Perceived Usefulness

PEOU:     Perceived Ease of Use

BI:     Behavioural Intention

AU:     Actual Usage

SPSS:     Statistical Package for Social Sciences

CFA:     Confirmatory Factor Analysis

SPARQL:     Sequential Protocol and Resource Description Framework Query Language

K* –     A distance function

ANN –     Artificial Neural Networks

ARL –     Associated Rule Learning

BF & SF –     Bearing and Shaft fault

BF –     Bearing Fault

BCS –     Belt Conveyor System

CHAID –     Chi-Square Automation Interaction Detection

CART –     Classification And Regression Trees

CM –     Condition Monitoring

CWC –     Continuous Wavelet Coefficients

CWT –     Continuous Wavelet Transform

CNN –     Convolutional Neural Network

J48 –     Decision tree Algorithm

DBN –     Deep Belief Networks

DBM –     Deep Boltzmann Machine

EMD –     Empirical Mode Decomposition

En –     Error Back Propagation (BP) algorithm’

Hz –     Frequency

HHT –     Hilbert–Huang Transform

ILP –     Inductive Logic Programming

QDA –     Quadratic Discriminant Analysis

SVM –     Support Vector Machine

TMI –     Time Marginal Integration

TVSM –     Transductive Support Vector Machine

WPT –     Wavelet Packet Transform

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