How to guess passwords of website using Brute Force Method? | Password Hacking in 2020.

I have also searched everywhere on the internet how to hack website for example, hacking the Instagram passwords, Facebook passwords etc. But I never found any article or video beneficial. After searching thoroughly for more than three days, I made a very effective Script in Python for password stealing, and it is effective.

Here below, I am explaining the code.

Steps by steps illustration of code implementation:

  1. Open an IDE (Code Editor): There are many IDEs for Python Code like Idle, Pycharm, Visual Studio Code and many others.
  2. Paste the following given code.
  3. Run the code.
  4. It will ask you to enter a password. In response, it processes the input and print the password inputted by the user. The password can be of any length. Ex; If you enter the password with three characters, it will guess it instantly. And If you input the password of six characters, it will take some take to guess. I will show you in the pictures below.
  5.  Next, you can use this python script for hacking the passwords of different websites like Instagram, Facebook, Gmail etc. Details are presented below:


How to use this Python Script for stealing the passwords for different websites?

  1. Use the web automation for website login (authentication) automatically. You must have listened about the web automation (link). Through the use of web automation, you can log in to the Instagram or Facebook automatically using python script.
  2. Combined the below presented code to web automation.
  3. Now, you are ready to hack the passwords for any website.


 Python Code

import itertools

import string

 def guess_password(actual_password):

    # String to store all lowercase characters and 0-9 digits

    chars = string.ascii_lowercase + string.digits

    # where,

    # string.ascii_lowercase = ‘abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz’

    # string.digits = ‘0123456789’


    password_len = len(actual_password)

    attempts = 0  # To count attempts


    guesses = list(itertools.product(chars, repeat=password_len))

    # Returns a list of all possible combinations

    # e.g.

    # if password_len = 3

    # then, guesses = [(a,a,a),(a,a,b),(a,a,c),…(a,a,1),(a,a,2),…(z,z,z),…(9,9,9)]


    # Time to loop through all possible combinations ;/

    for guess in guesses:

        guess = ”.join(guess)  # converts tuple to string , (a,a,a) –> ‘aaa’

        attempts += 1

        if guess == actual_password:

            return “Password is {}. Guessed after {} attempts”.format(guess, attempts)

        print(guess, attempts)


actual_password = input(“Enter Password : “)



 Running the Code

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