Top 10 domain and web hosting services

Domains are maintained and  regulated by ICANN (Internet Corporation on Assigned Names and Numbers). The ICANN doesn’t itself sale the domain names to the users. The ICANN distributes the domains to the multiple domain registrars companies like GoDaddy, Hostinger etc.

Here below, we will see different registrar companies. Also we will look which will company is suitable in different scenarios on the bases of price, service, interface, security etc.

Best Domain Registrars Companies.

GoDaddy: more than rupees 1300 per year, not good interface, not recommended for beginners, good telephone support both in English and Hindi. expensive.

BigRock: more than rupees1500 per year, Good interface, live support.

Hostinger: 1034 per year,  live chat support.

CloudFlare: Cheap, Many Restrictions, no live chat support.

Google Domains: 1000 per year, recommended, Simple Interface.

Namesilo: price good, Live chat support, Complex Interface.

porkbun: Around 350 per year, live chat support is available. Good Interface, Recommended.

Dynabot: Around 600 per year, Live chat support, Good Interface, Lack of support Guide.

Namecheap: Popular, around 800 per year, Live chat Support, Very Good Interface, Support Guides are available, Recommended for beginners.

Best Hosting Companies

Namecheap: Basic plan: 1300 per year, No data center in Asia, poor customer support.

Easywp: 1700 per year, speed is good, price is low, easy for beginners, only for single website. Servers are located only in US.

Bigrock: Hindi Support, No WordPress automation, basic plan: 1700 per month.

Hostinger: Easy to use, Recommended, Chat Support, Automated Backup, 800 per year.

Blue Host: Easy and Simple Interface., No server in Asia.








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