Frequently Asked Question related to Private University

Private Universities in India are not operated by Government but are regulated by Government bodies. All private Universities are recognized by UGC (University Grant Commission).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a faculty terminated by VC in private university without any reason?

Yes, any faculty person can be terminated by VC in a private university with a silly reason. But the university must have give a notice prior a month to the faculty.

Do private universities extend their courses for their profits?

No, even government university can’t extend their courses without any mandate from the UGC (Regulation Body). However there are some specific courses like M.Tech, Mphill, PhD etc which the courses can go beyond the actual duration.

How to check the list of private universities approved by UGC?

You can check the list of universities with respect to the state.

What is the difference between a private university and a deemed university?

There is not too much difference between a private university and a deemed university. However a deemed university are recognized as autonomous institutes who enjoys autonomy in administration while a Private university has to adhere to UGC rules and regulations in conduction classes, exams, syllabus and admission process.

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