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MCQs BASED ON “Public Financial Management System (PFMS)

1. Public Financial Management System was previously known as

a) Central Plan Scheme For Monitoring Scheme(CPSMS)

b) Public Plan Scheme For Monitoring Scheme(PPSMS)

c) Fund Plan Scheme for Monitoring Scheme(FPSMS)

d) Properties Plan Scheme for Monitoring Scheme(PPSMS)

2. This was done by including PFMS in the _______ initiative of the erstwhile Planning Commission.

a) 11th Plan

b) 12th Plan

c) 10th Plan

d) 9th Plan

3. Under the government of India, there are currently more than which cater a very wide audience.

a) 1040 schemes

b) 1050 schemes

c) 1060 schemes

d) 1030 schemes

4. The total outlay cap set was set through the O/C CGA

a) ₹1070 cr.

b) ₹1060 cr.

c) ₹1050 cr.

d) ₹1080 cr.

5. PFMS/CPSMS is aimed at increasing the transparency as well as the ________ to the social sector which was previously non-existant.

a) Accountability

b) Taxability

c) Credibility

d) None of these

6. Approx.. how many crores is released into the system by the government under the Additional Central Assistance Program?

a) ₹2 lakh crores

b) ₹3 lakh crores

c) ₹4 lakh crores

d) ₹5 lakh crores

7. Using which modules the government aims to create seamless and efficient fund transfer, monitoring ,utilization network for the multi-crore rupee value schemes?

a) RBA

b) CBI



8. Which level operate at district level to be manned through outsourcing?

a) District Properties Management Unit(DPMU)

b) District Proposed Management Unit(DPMU)

c) District Product Management Unit(DPMU)

d) District Project Management Unit(DPMU)


1) (a)

2) (b)

3) (c)

4) (d)

5) (a)

6) (b)

7) (c)

8) (d)

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