What is the role of a Data Scientist? How to become a Data Scientist?

In this post, we will share all about the Data Scientist.

We will cover:

What is data?
What is role of a Data Scientist?
Which tools are used in analyzing the data?
Which degree is required for becoming a data scientist?
What is the salary of a data scientist?

So the first question arises is, what is data?

In our daily lives, what we do perform on the internet, it is creating the data. for example, we do perform some searches on the search engine. The search engines store all your submitted queries in their databases. Besides, the search engines also keep track you which websites you are clicking on. So all the submitted queries, clicked documents, etc are data. When you are watching some videos on YouTube, it is also a data for the company that which videos you have watched. It helps the companies to know you very well. You are doing shopping on the Amazon or any other platform, these platforms store your past history like what you have purchased, which products you have watched. All these are examples of data and this data is collected by the companies in order to predict you needs in the future.

What is role of a Data Scientist?

Let’s start with an example which you surely might have noticed on the internet. For example; in order to purchase a mobile phone online, you may use the Google search engine or any other platform. So after some time or even after some days, you will notice that there are lots of advertisements on Facebook, or YouTube for mobile phones based on your interests.
These are the jobs of the Data Scientists who predict you and your needs.
In order to serve your request efficiently, a lot of processes performed by the data scientist like collecting the data, prepossessing the collected data, pattern discovery, analyze and visualize the information.

Which degree is required for becoming a data scientist?

There is no any specific degree required for becoming a data scientist. But of course the degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Data Mining, Computer Science help the students to play a better role in the job. But a person with degree in commerce can also become a data scientist. He needs to be certified in the data scientist’s courses.

Which tools are used?

Python, R for processing the data.
Tableau, SQL Query, VBA Scripting, Clipview etc for visualize the data.

What is the salary of a data scientist?

Average Starting Salary of a data scientist in US: $ 95000 per annum.
Average Salary of a data scientist in India: Rupees 8 Lakh per annum.

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