How to write a good Research Paper?

Writing a Good research paper is an art and in order to publish the paper in good and reputed journal, it is extremely required a well written research paper. Following are the some important points and tips you need to follow:

1 . Implementation potential of the proposed concept

2 . Completeness of the references: Latest and related reference should be added.

3 . Novelty of the contribution: Author need to use some innovative and novel techniques.

4 . Innovation impact of the proposed concept should be interesting.

5 . Technical content and correctness of the contribution

6 . Importance of the manuscript for the thematic area

7 . Quality of the writing require major efforts.

8. Good written paper with specific objectives.

9. As we have mentioned earlier that idea should be interesting. however, author need to highlight the novelty and innovation in the work. moreover, how the proposed work is different from other existing works should also be mentioned. 

10. Although the paper should evaluate the results. Moreover Comparison analysis is also required which  is a key concept for any research work. 

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