Tips to publish your research papers in high standard journals.

After complete writing and verifying your manuscript (research paper), the next step is to submit it to the Journal. 

Figure 1: One of my Research Papers.
Please take care of the following suggestions for publishing your research paper in highly reputed journal:

Your Research Work should be original

After submission your Research Paper, It will be sent to the Editor in Chief for his initial provisional approval, and once this is obtained for peer-reviewing, on the understanding that the manuscript contains original work that has neither been published earlier nor has simultaneously been submitted elsewhere.

No Plagiarism in your research paper

Please note that Publishers uses high standard softwares to check for similarities between the submitted and already published material to minimise any chances of plagiarism.
Further, all manuscript are processed with the understanding that all authors and co-authors have reviewed and accordingly approved the manuscript before final submission to avoid any conflicts of interest later.
The recommended number of references as per norm ( for Review Articles is approximately 100 or more and for Research Articles 75 or more. Articles which are well referenced (100 or more references) may have high chances of acceptance by referees and they are likely to attract a greater number of citations.
In case of any doubt or conflict please contact us immediately.

Selection of Appropriate Keywords: 

Choose important and relevant keywords that researchers in your field will be searching for so that your paper will appear in a database search. 

The names of the authors should be provided according to the previous citations or as the authors would want them to be published along with the institutional affiliations, current address, telephone, cell & fax numbers and the email address. Email address must be provided with an asterisk in front of the name of the principal author.

Authors should avoid the use of non-standard abbreviations and Question marks in titles.

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