Life of an Assistant Professor in the private University of India.

In India, there are four types of Universities: State Universities, Central Universities, Deemed Universities and Private Universities.
State Universities are run by the state government where as Central Universities are run by the central government of India. A candidate can get Job in these Government Universities after completing their eligibility and passing the criteria run by the higher authorities.
Private Universities are recognized by the UGC, but run by the autonomous body. They can frame their own rule for the employers and the employers have to abide by. 

Life of an Assistant Professor in the private University of India:

  • Most often the employer of a private university is asked to do perform any of the task other than teaching.
  • The teachers also have to perform a lot of clerical work on the computer.
  • He has also maintain bundle of registers side by side.
  • The wages can be delayed from one month to 3 months or even more.
  • The teachers have to take care of the students. Same like the students are treated in the schools.
  • Time management is very strict: Teacher can’t go late in the class and can’t leave the class before the time.
  • It is strictly required to prepare slides of every lecturer and at the same time the slides need to be uploaded on the university portal.
  • The teachers have to maintain the attendance register. Moreover, it is required to submit the attendance of the students to the Dean academy more than 5 times in a single semester.
  • The teachers have to make sets of MCQ of every subject for the students.
  • The teachers have to need to remain active on the social platform all the day and night for receiving any extra duty from the higher authority.
  • The teacher need to teach in 5 lectures in a single day. Each lecture is of around 1 hour. Even some time you have to take more than 5 lecture if any of the teachers in your department remains absent in any day.

Salary of an Assistant Professor in India

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