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Figure 1: One of my Research Papers

When the Scholars are in their Master or PhD or in any research field. They are supposed to write and publish research papers.

Many of them get perplexed at the earliest stage for what to write, how to write, where to publish the written manuscript, etc.
Here in this post, all these pertinent things are discussed.

How to write a good research paper?

Variants of Journals

Different variants of the Journals on the basis of Indexers:

Mainly journals are categorized on the basis on indexer:
  • SCI Journals (Science Indexed Journals).
  • ESCI Journals.
  • Scopus indexed Journals.
  • UGC indexed Journals
Scopus journals, ESCI and SCI indexed journals are considered as highly good journals.
SJR (SCImago Journal Ranking) are meant to indicate prestige journals on the basis of the ranking. It is maninted by the Scopus. Scopus indexed journals does not considered by the impact factor. This SJR is an alternative to the Impact factor.
Impact factor of the journals are calculated by the Clarvate Analytics which is the intelluctal property of the Thomson Reuters. The Journal Citation Report is published every year by the Thomson Reuter which calculate the impact factor of the journals.
Another metrics which is used to measure the value of the journals is the CiteScore. CiteScore is a metric for serial title in Scopus launched in Decmeber 2016 by Elsevier.

Different variants of the Journals on the basis of Publishers:

Journals can be also be filtered out on the basis of publishers. Publishers like Springer, Elsevier, IEEE, etc. are considered as good publishers. Means the journals managed by these publishers are high rated or reputed journals.
Many of the journals  publish manuscript free of cost. Some of these journals also charge a huge fees. You can consider it. It is better to always publish your manuscript free of cost.

How much time it is taken by the journals to publish your research paper?

Generally the reputed journals we discussed takes 8 to 12 months to publish the manuscript.

What are proceedings?

It is advised to present your research papers in the conferences. And all the papers presented by the different researchers are published as a proceedings. Proceedings contains different chapters written by different researchers. The proceeding is further published in a journal.

How to download and read paid research papers for free?

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