What is part time Phd? | What is full time PhD? | What is Regular PhD?

According to the UGC, the PhD must be in regular mode. “”PhD. degrees which are pursued either full time or part time will be treated as degrees awarded through Regular Mode provided these are in conformity with the existing Statutes/ Byelaws/ Ordinances etc. of the degree awarding University. However, the PhD. acquired under distance mode is not permitted”

Part time PhD which also allows the scholar to do job along with the PhD. Full time PhD is the PhD in which you have to embark full time to the PhD until you complete your work or submit your thesis work.

Part Time PhD usually take one year more than the term of Full time PhD. In Full time PhD, you have to remain in the campus for the minimum 3 years or until you complete your work and submit your thesis. Although there are many provisions which can allow you to work from the distant location.

The provisions  are like as:

  • You can hire a co- supervisor from any other university. How to look for a co- supervisor?
  • For example, you need to collect some data for the sampling purpose, you can take grant from the university administrator or from your guide and can enjoy your work from the intended location.
  • You can work in a private organization by having a excuse that you have to use the resource of the organization or the company in order to complete you research work.

The snapshot is attached below made by the UGC (University Grant Commission)

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