How to have a co- supervisor? What are the conditions to have a co- supervisor? Consent letter for the co supervisor.

A Supervisor or  a Guide is the authenticated person by the university who is supposed to guide his scholar to complete his research work. The supervisor plays a great role for the scholar in the crucial time and even after the PhD. It is the supervisor who is always with his scholars. However, a scholar can also have multiple co- supervisors.

What are the conditions to have a co- supervisors?

  • If the main supervisor goes out of the city or out of the country.
  • If the scholar facing some difficulties in his research work, the scholar can hire a co- supervisor from any university in the country or outside of the country.
  • If there is no mutual understanding between the supervisor and the scholar.

How to find a intended co- supervisor, How to approach him?

You can find list of faculties from the websites of different universities and can see the profile of each faculty. You can read their articles or research papers form the journals. This all will help you to find the desired man who can help you out. After finding the man, you can approach him by sending a simple mail or sending a letter. If he agrees, it requires that the man send a consent letter to your parent university or your main supervisor. After that RDC( Research Degree Committee) will be arranged and the co- supervisor will be allotted to you in a real manner.
The following format can be used: 

Consent Letter from Co-Supervisor*

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science & Application
ZZZ University
Dean Research
ZZZ, Kathgarh, USA
I wish to inform, that I am willing to accept Mr. Sunny Sharma (Reg: ALLS0009A/16) as my research scholar for guiding his research work leading to PhD degree of ZZZ University, USA.
I will guide him for the entire duration of his research work and will supervise the research progress.
Date:                                                                                        Dr. Abi Kundra
Place: UK                                                                       

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