Where is the best institute for UGC NET/ SET? | Is there any need of coaching for the UGC NET?

Hello friends, in this post i am going to clear your some pitfalls whether you really need a coaching  institute for the UGC NET preparation.

First of all let me clear you. The UGC NET is much prestigious exam for the job of Assistant Professor in Higher Education and at this age you are elder enough to teach yourself.
According to my experience, it is the wastage of time if you choose any institute for your preparation. The Institute will help you only for the syllabus, exam patterns, books related, etc. Moreover they don’t have Instructor who has Cleared the NET Exam. You should start your preparation yourself without thinking much. There is a problem at the starting when you appear for the first time. Because at the first time, you don’t know the syllabus either and many other things that you need to know before appearing for the exam.

If you really think that you have enough time and money for coaching. And also conform about the institute, and about the staff of Institue. After confirming all these things, you can join. If you feal dearth of any of these things, don’t join the institue.
Instead of going for any institute, it is better to start teaching in colleges, schools or universities. Because here you will get a lot of time for your preparation. And you will not feel any pressure. The students who desires to appear for the UGC NET exam has cleared his master or in the final year. At this stage, he can’t waste his time by joining any institute.
So in this post, i will help you how you have to do preparation and other strategies to clear this exam.

General information for  UGC NET Exam:

There are two papers for the NET Exam. 
1. First paper is general that is same for all the students. It consists of 50 questions, each carry two marks. Total marks for the first paper are 100.
2. Second paper is your concerned subject. It consists of 100 questions, each carry two marks. Total marks for the first paper are 200.
Total marks are 300, and you have to secure only 170 to 200 marks depending on your subjects. For computer science, the cut off is around 180.

Steps for clearing the NET Exam:

1. Download and print out syllabus of UGC NET.
2. Start the preparation. First start from the first paper.
Follow this tutorial to know how to secure more marks in the first paper and which book to purchase and come back here.
3. Start studying for the second paper. The exam is not too much tough and you don’t have to secure 100 percent marks. You can get all the material form Internet / YouTube. Start preparing, it will not take more than 3 or 4 months by investing 3 hours daily. If you don’t succeed in the very first attempt, try for second or even three. you will succeed definitely.
4. Start solving previous years paper.

Trust me, if you follow this. Definitely you will win.

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