What to do after Postgraduate (PG)? | What are the Scopes after Master Degree? How to find a job after the PG?

Hello friends, this post is for the students who are pursuing their Post Graduate or have completed their PG. Even it is very useful for those who are looking forward to pursuing their Master as soon as possible.
Well, Now the question arises that what to do after PG? Exactly, when I was at this condition I was also so depressed for my future because I was jobless. Now it has been since 3 years passed I completed my Master Degree. And now i am strong and experienced enough to tell you the ample of options you can choose after your Master Degree.
Before going to tell you all the options, one thing I tell you must have lot of patience, consistency, etc.
The options are:
  • Higher studies,
  • Banking,
  • Teaching,
  • Industry,
  • Any Government Job,
  • Business,
  • Family Business,
  • Tuitions,
  • Preparation for Government Jobs,
  • NET/ SET,
  • Abroad for job.

Higher Studies: 


I consider it as one of the best options. After completing your master you can go for higher studies (MPhil and PhD). One should do clear the NET/JRF before moving towards higher studies.

Banking is very hot carrier now days. The salary of a bank employer starts form 30000/- per month as a clerical and 50000/- for Probationary Officer. And it is not difficult at all to get this job. In banking the aptitude test matters and it is difficult. The condition that matters here is speed that how many question that you can solve in the prescribed time.
So you have to do some practice during you masters. If you have done your master, then opt some coaching classes.

Teaching: Teaching for those who don’t want to join any coaching institute due to the shortage of money. So the best suggestion for those students is to join any private university or college as lecturer. Here you will get ample of time to do preparation for any type of job.

Industry: Industry is also a cool and a great career scope. In industry you will get growth for you work , which eventually increase you salary.
Any government job:  If you are really interested to get the government hob. The best suggestion is to start preparing for the competitive exam. If possible join any good institute for coaching. And do hard work, definitely you will succeed. Because in a single year government conducts about 100 different types of jobs and you want a single one. It might be from the SSC, your state selection Board, etc.
Business: if you think you are smart enough to start a business, it is great. Because smart people like Ambaani doesn’t go for the government job. Instead they create a ample of jobs for another’s.

Family Business: you can embark yourself in the family business if you think the business is going at a good pace. After all you will be the owner of this business after your father.

Net/ SET: startpreparing for the NET/ SET. It is eligibility for an Assistant Professor inhigher education.

Abroad: Try looking for the scholarships or fellowships for the further studies abroad. Germany is best and easy to go.

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