How to become an Assistant Professor in higher education? | Eligibility Criteria | Basic Qualification | Recruitment process

Well, Assistant professor is one of the most desirous job in any nation whether it is Australia, India, Germany, Singapore,,…etc. Everyone prefers to be a part of higher education as an Assistant Professor because this job allows to interact with young developing minds (students). Besides it, the salary is also much as a person can think of. Moreover, you will get many chances to attend research conferences, workshops, seminars. I mean to say that you will remain in the world of knowledge. Your life will be totally professional, desirous, no more stress, etc.
Now the question arises how to become an Assistant Professor? What is eligibility?
So first of all you must have a master degree with min 55% marks. Besides it, you must also need to pass NET/ SET. If you are PhD then you are exempted from NET/ SET.
If you are both NET/SET and PhD, you will be get some extra points at the time of recruitment.
If you are NET/ SET and MPhill, you will get extra points for MPhill.

But if you are PhD and MPhill, you will not get any extra point for you MPhill.

Recruitment process
If you pass this eligibility condition, you are ready for the recruitment process and you need to fill an application form for the desired post.

If there are maximum application forms for the said post, the PSC or any agency conducts and entrance exam followed by an interview.

Normally, only interview is opted

According to UGC

Academic Performance: 50 Points (To be worked on Pro-Rata Basis)
– Class 10th: 02 Points
– Class 12th: 03 Points
– Graduation: 05 Points
– Post Graduation: 25 Points
– JRF: 03 Points
– M.Phil: 03 Points
– PhD: 06 Points
– Post Doctorate: 03 Points
2) Research and Publications: 11 Points (Maximum)
3) Participation and Presentation in Seminars / Conferences / Workshops (Maximum 16 Points)
National: 0.25 Points for Each Paper to maximum of 3 Points
International: 0.50 Marks for each Paper to a maximum of 3 Points
4) Extra Curricular Activities: 04 Points
NCC / NSS: 02 Points
Sports: 01 Point
Gold Medal Or First Position at PG Level: 01 Point
5) Teaching Skills: 10 Points
Teaching Experience at UG Or PG Level: 03 Points (Maximum)
Teaching Demonstration: 07 Points
6) Viva Voce: 20 Points

Some basic questions..
What is the Syllabus for the UGC NET
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