Computer Arithmetic for the ugc net and gate

In this unit you have to focus more on the Prepositional logic, Logic Families, Representation of Integers. Topics include in the Computer Arithmetic: Proportional (Boolean Logic), Predicate Logic, Well formed formula (WFF), Satisfactory and tautology Logic Families: TTL, ECL and C-MOS sates, Boolean algebra and minimization of Boolean functions, Flip-Flop types race  conditions and comparison, … Read more

Discrete Structures for the ugc net and gate

Detailed Syllabus for Discrete Mathematics 1.         Proposition Logic: Implication, Equivalence, Bidirectional, Converse, Inverse, Contra positive. Rules of Inference (modus poners, modus tollens, hypothetical syllogism, disjunctive syllogism). Precedence of logic operators. Quantifiers, negation of quantifier, skolemization. Horn clause, Definite clause, Goal clause. Duality. Vacuous proof, Trivial Proof, Direct Proof, Indirect Proof. Set, Relation, … Read more

How to clear UGC NET exam in first attempt?

I cleared NET exam in my second attempt. Here in this post, I share some important tips regarding this exam, so you can clear the NET exam easily. UGC NET UGC Net exam is one of the prestigious exams in India. It is an eligibility for Assistant Professor in higher education. Any candidate who is … Read more


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